SBIR 22.1 Direct to Phase II


     Thank you for your interest in providing SOCOM with the capabilities we need. Please visit the following link for the full DoD 22.1 Topics

     To see the SOCOM Specific Direct To Phase II Topics, point to DoD SBIR 2022.1 and click "BAA Instructions". Once there, go to Page

     The Topics will point you to the SOCOM.MIL website. The needed documentations for SOCOM221, will be located in its respective page on our

     If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at SBIR@SOCOM.MIL

To download these documents, right-click the links and select "Save Target As/Save Link As..." from the menu.

22.1-D002:  Ultra Compact Long Range Machine Gun Optic

22.1-D003:  Miniature Aiming & Ranging Laser
22.1-D004:  Advanced Precision - Variable Power Scope