The Program Executive Office for Services

The Program Executive Office for Services (PEO-SV) provides the USSOCOM Commander and Acquisition Executive with the leadership to execute and oversee efficient and optimized services acquisition. Additionally, PEO-SV supports HQ USSOCOM, and Component and Theater Special Operations Commands with services acquisition advice, training, requirements documentation, cost estimating and source selection expertise, policy and process oversight, and services acquisition support.

The PEO-SV workforce focuses on the effective and efficient management of over $1.6 billion spent each year on services acquisitions for the Special Operations Forces enterprise. The acquisition professionals in PEO-SV provide a simplified and flexible management framework to translate services requirements into stable, efficient and effective acquisitions. PEO-SV personnel work side-by-side with SOF AT&L's services contracting team and the requiring activities across the enterprise to ensure services requirements are clearly articulated, then solicited and correctly evaluated, and lead to a best-value solution from industry counterparts.


PEO-SV exercises USSOCOM's Senior Services Manager's (SSM) responsibilities and provides procedures for defining, assessing, reviewing and validating requirements for the acquisition of services. PEO-SV collects, addresses and reports on all data required to provide visibility of services acquisitions and resource execution to USSOCOM's Commander and Acquisition Executive, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and, to Congress as required by public law.