​SOF AT&L Lines of Effort
SOF ATL_Lines of effort.PNG

Our operational priorities remain focused on achieving improvements in affordability, streamlining requirements, incentivizing innovation, increasing competition and fielding, and sustaining capabilities to our Forces. Our objective is to operate toward supporting those priorities through the following Lines of Effort:

  • Recruit, train and retain an elite team of empowered SOF Acquirers, Logisticians, Engineers, Contracting Officers and Business Financial Managers in support of SOF.
  • Team with SOF enterprise to provide SO-p equipment and services informed by Operators and focused on Command requirements in support of SOF.
  • Drive the industry and intellectual network to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities across the full-life-cycle in support of SOF.
  • Exceed the agile acquisition expectations of Congress and DoD by excelling at tailored and transparent execution in support of SOF.