Technical Experimentation Terms & Conditions

After review of the technology experimentation paper submissions, the Government may invite select candidates to demonstrate their capabilities in USSOCOM sponsored experiments. These experiments will provide an opportunity for the submitter to interact with USSOCOM personnel for the purpose of USSOCOM assessing potential impact of emerging technology solutions on USSOCOM missions and capabilities.

Papers may be reviewed by USSOCOM personnel or its support contractors. Select respondents will be invited to participate in USSOCOM experiments; USSOCOM shall provide venues, some supporting infrastructure and assessment (operational and technical) personnel at no cost of the respondent.

The respondent's travel costs and technology experiments will be at the respondent's expense.

The USSOCOM conducts technical experiments with representatives from Government Research and Development (R&D) organizations, academia and private industry. The experiments provide an opportunity for technology developers to interact with operational personnel and determine how their efforts might support special operations capabilities. The environment facilitates a collaborative working relationship between academia, government, and industry and supports identification, assessment, and dissemination of emerging and mature technology information and the acceleration of delivery of capabilities to the Special Operations warfighter and those they support. These experiments are designed to evaluate and improve technologies that provide potential warfighter utility.


All Visitors will be required to wear a USSOCOM provided name badge.

Legal Disclaimers or Issues:

All participation is at the technology developer's own risk. By attending you agree that you will hold harmless the United States Government and the installations where Technical Experiments are held for any and all liabilities.

ITAR Disclaimers or Issues:

Each participant is responsible for complying with any and all ITAR/EARS requirements associated with the participant's equipment. Similarly, participants are responsible for the protection of their own intellectual property.