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​​​​​E​NGAGE​​ SOF (eSOF)​

​​​​W​​hat is Engage SOF (eSOF)?​​

​The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) ​Engage SOF (eSOF) assists the Command with conducting market research, in accordance with FAR Part 10.001, to arrive at the most suitable approach to acquiring, distributing, and supporting SOF-peculiar supplies and services.  It is the channel to present information on capabilities to the various Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L) Program Executive Offices (PEO), Directorates and others responsible for the R&D, acquisition, production, and sustainment of USSOCOM material and technology platforms that support our Special Operations Forces at the headquarters. It is eSOF’s duty to match your company’s product/service/capability to the appropriate personnel within the command and schedule discussions or demonstrations if there is sufficient interest at the headquarters.​

USSOCOM is mandated to develop, acquire, field and sustain technology in support of USSOCOM mission objectives, ​through its Title 10 responsibilities​. USSOCOM purchases those items which are deemed to be special operations forces (SOF) peculiar,  defined in Joint Publication 3-05, Special Operations as "equipment, material, supplies and services required for which there is no Service-common requirement.” These are limited to items and services initially designed for or used by SOF until adopted for Service-common use by other DoD forces, modifications approved by the Commander for application to standard items and services used by other DoD forces; and items and services which the Commander approves as critically urgent for the immediate accomplishment of the SOF activity.

eSOF is NOT​…

  • ​a way to "register" your product/service/capability with USSOCOM. 
  • an automatic meeting with USSOCOM personnel.
  • ​able to accept CLASSIFIED submissions

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