Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

A CRADA is a legal agreement between a USSOCOM Program Executive Officer, or the Director of Science and Technology and a non-Federal partner to cooperatively conduct research and development (R&D) consistent with USSOCOM mission(s) and share the results derived from the effort. CRADAs, are not procurement contracts and are therefore not subject to the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation; however, CRADAs will not be used to circumvent the normal procurement process.

Under a CRADA, the non-Federal partner can provide facilities, equipment, personnel, funding, and other resources toward the conduct of the R&D effort. The government partner can provide the same things except for funding. The government cannot provide funding under a CRADA or it would be considered a contract and then come under control of the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

USSOCOM restricts CRADAs to those where no funding is transferred from the non-Federal partner to the government. Also, USSOCOM will not enter into a CRADA with a foreign owned or controlled interest partner.

USSOCOM has a continuing interest in R&D and encourages submission of potential CRADA opportunities consistent with USSOCOM mission(s).

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