PEO Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4)

The Program Executive Office for C4 (PEO-C4) manages the development, acquisition, fielding, new equipment training, and sustainment of C4 and MISO systems. The portfolio includes two primary capability areas—Enterprise Networks & MISO Systems and Tactical Communications. PEO-C4 will continue to integrate new or emerging technologies as part of its systems’ life-cycle refresh, and in parallel, will leverage other government agencies and offices to transform SOF C4 and MISO capabilities. The focus is to enable a culture of connectivity, providing access to required resources from anywhere on the globe, and ensuring interoperability with all military, interagency, and international partners.

PEO-C4 Mission: Manage the development, acquisition, fielding, new equipment training, and sustainment Of Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4) and Military Information Support Operations (MISO) systems.
PEO-FW Mission: To deliver Special Operations peculiar manned and unmanned fixed wing airpower capabilities to effectively enable Special Operations Forces.
PEO-M Mission: Provide rapid and focused acquisition of SOF-unique maritime mobility capabilities to USSOCOM operators conducting decisive SOF activities and global operations.
PEO-RW Mission: Responsible for providing the Army Special Operations Aviation Command and Special Operations Aviation Regiment with the most advanced rotary wing aircraft, mission equipment, and training systems available.
PEO-SDA Mission: Rapidly consolidate, integrate, acquire, and divest of SOF unique software through the use of agile software development and deployment practices to enhance the full spectrum of SOF operations.
PEO-Services Mission: Utilize Innovative and Strategic Processes to Ensure Rapid, Focused, and Cost-Effective Acquisition of Services to Support Special Operations.
PEO-SOFSA Mission: Provide the SOF community dedicated, rapid, sophisticated, broad, and cost-effective product modifications and global logistics support services.
PEO-SR Mission: Be the recognized and trusted experts for the acquisition of state of the art technical collection and exploitation capabilities for advanced surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence systems for the Special Operations Warfighter.
PEO-SW Mission: The PEO-SOF Warrior Team accepts and manages risk, takes personal initiative and executes with a sense of urgency and purpose in support of our SOF operators every day.