The SOF AT&L mission is to provide rapid and focused acquisition, technology, and acquisition logistics support to SOF Warfighters. To accomplish this mission, SOF AT&L comprises eight Program Executive Offices (Fixed Wing, Maritime, Rotary Wing, SOF Support Activity, SOF Warrior, Services, SOF Digital Applications and Tactical Information Systems) and five Directorates (Comptroller, Enterprise Information Systems, Logistics, Procurement, and Science & Technology). Together, they manage and support the development, acquisition, and fielding of critical items to enable a no-fail mission for the SOF Warfighter. SOF AT&L executes its mission and accelerates the force by following four key acquisition principles:

  • 1) Delivers capability to the user expeditiously;
  • 2) Exploits proven techniques and methods;
  • 3) Keeps Warfighters involved throughout the process; and
  • 4) Takes risk and manages it.

In a given year, SOF AT&L delivers more than 100 aircraft; 700 tactical vehicles; 4,000 weapon systems; 20 million munitions; 3,000 radios; 2,000 C4I items; and 600 ISR kits to SOF units.

For an overview of the Program Executive Offices and the Directorates of SOF AT&L, please visit our Programs page.