United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) develops and fields technology to some of the most demanding customers in the world including Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, and Air Force Special Tactics Units.  Our warfighters execute demanding missions of strategic importance.  This means that we have some extremely tough problems to solve.  So, how can you help us?

First, take a look at our Special Operations Forces (SOF) Hard Problems.  We've written up three interrelated areas that are of critical importance to our missions.  They are:  Small Unit Dominance, Mission Assured Communications, and Signature Management.  The three SOF Hard Problems are available for download at the links below.  If you think you've got a solution that can help us solve some or all of the SOF Hard Problems please reply via our Hard Problems mailbox at:  Hard_Problems@socom.mil

SOF Hard Problems Downloads:

USSOCOM ST SOF Small Unit Dominance - SOFSUD MegaTalker

USSOCOM ST Mission Assured Communications - MAC MegaTalker

USSOCOM ST Signature Management - SIGMAN MegaTalker