USSOCOM's Department of Defense Recovery Care Coordinators (RCCs) provide oversight and assistance for Special Operations Forces (SOF) Wounded Ill & Injured Service Members, Veterans, and their families through a continuum of care and recovery using the Comprehensive Recovery Plan and Comprehensive Transition Plan.  They provide direct, lifelong assistance to SOF personnel who are wounded, ill, & injured through effective follow up, contact, and collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, medical, and other military agencies.   They also provide coordination for medical and non-medical services and facilitate smooth rehabilitation and transition back to active duty or civilian life for SOF wounded, ill, & injured.  Additionally, they collect, maintain and analyze medical data for planning and tracking purposes.



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The RCCs work closely with SOF wounded, ill, & injured, their families and their recovery teams to develop a Comprehensive Recovery Plan.  This plan identifies the Service Member's and family's goals and the resources they need to achieve them, such as assistive technology, education, employment, or housing. The RCC uses the plan to guide SOF wounded, ill, & injured and their families along the road to recovery, rehabilitation and return to duty or transition into the civilian community.

All SOF Service Members who have serious or catastrophic wounds, illnesses or injuries are eligible to receive the support of an RCC. SOF wounded, ill, & injured Service Members may self-refer or be referred by medical or administrative personnel, peers or a family member.