Enrollment & Eligibility

In the aftermath of a wound, illness, or injury, a Service Member will require assistance with identifying resources available to support them through their recovery.  The Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) is the first non-medical point of contact for wounded, ill, or injured Service Members and their family.  They build a support network to ensure a smooth reintegration either back to full duty, or transition to the civilian community.


Recovery Care Coordinator Referral
The following may be considerations when referring Service Members for RCC support in addition to wounds, illnesses, and injuries:

  • Has multiple and/or complex medical needs (i.e. TBI or severe PTSD)
  • Lacks a stable family environment or has complex family needs (i.e. EFMP)
  • Has been referred to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System and requires support through the process but is not at the PEB stage


How Do I Complete a Referral for Recovery Care Coordinator Support?

  • Please contact the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) using the "Contact Us" button (at the lefthand side of the page) to speak with a RCC about support
  • Be prepared to present all known medical conditions, non-medical needs, and justification for the referral

Once a Service Member is assigned, a RCC will contact the parent command to discuss the Service Member's needs and support being offered.  A RCC will continue to work with the command throughout the Service Member's care.

Methods for Service Member inclusion into the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition):

  • Casualty report – direct entry and advocate / LNO assignment
  • Identified at point of injury or in-transit – Germany, Walter Reed, Combat Theater, etc.
  • Referred by unit, medical, friends, peers, spouses, self



Examples of Qualifying Medical Conditions

The USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) supports Service Members and their Families throughout their recovery and transition into Veteran status.  Through the local support of RCCs and LNOs, the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program strives to foster the Service Member's independence.  The table below represents some of the wounds, illnesses and injuries that may qualify a SOF Service Member for inclusion into the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program.