USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) Military Adaptive Sports (MAS) seeks to improve the health and welfare of wounded, ill or injured Special Operations Forces (SOF) through adaptive sports and wellness activities. Our goal is to promote mental and physical fitness while building camaraderie among service members to reintegrate our active duty more quickly and maintain long lasting ties with and among SOF veterans.

NLAug20full.jpgAugust 2020 MAS Newsletter

CRG.jpgAdaptive Sports Comprehensive Resource Guide

Participation Criteria:
  • Must be enrolled in the Warrior Care program
  • Must be medically cleared prior to participation
  • Must abide by the MAS Code of Conduct
  • Active duty athletes must have Command endorsement
Program Goals
  • Adaptive sports provides post-rehabilitation support to wounded, ill, or injured SOF Warriors through participation in adaptive sports and activities.
  • Adaptive sports promotes physical fitness, peer mentoring, and healthy sustainable living.  All impairments, injuries and skill levels are supported and encouraged.
  • For those selected to represent Team SOCOM, and display a willingness and desire to commit to the program, adaptive equipment will be provided to continue their athletic growth on an individual level and at their own pace.
  • Athletes that demonstrate a team mentality and willingness to participate may be invited to compete in the Warrior Games and Invictus, as representatives of Team SOCOM.