The USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) career transition initiatives strive to provide seamless transition into productive post-service careers for eligible wounded, ill, & injured SOF Service Members that are enrolled in the USSOSCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition).   The USSOCOM career transition team provides customized services and support to SOF Service Members that are preparing to transition into the private sector.  It is a unique opportunity authorized by the SECDEF, but does not replicate or duplicate service specific transition programs. 

Services provided include:

  • Private and Public Sector Fellowships
  • Employment Assistance
  • Education/Retraining
  • Career Counseling


As of January 1, 2019 the career transition team has completed over 390 fellowship nationwide in a variety of industries including small privately owned companies and Fortune 500s. Fellowship opportunities allow transitioning Service Members an opportunity to develop their skills and business knowledge, gain experience working for a private company, and learn about an industry or job they are interested in for 3-9 months. Giving Service Members the opportunity to establish themselves as leaders in innovative programs and contribute to the sponsoring companies missions while remaining on Active Duty.

Wounded, ill, & inured SOF Service Members & Veterans
Eligible Service Members work with their USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) career transition coordinator to develop and implement a fellowship opportunity. The transition team has pre-established Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with corporations and organizations throughout the United States and can also work with Service Members to create a new MOA for company they are interested in. For Service Members that are interested in a Federal Fellowship their TC will connect them with Operation Warfighter.

The career transition team works with organizations to establish fellowships that have the potential to lead to employment by developing a MOA between the sponsoring company and USSOCOM. If you are interested in hosting a fellowship for a SOF wounded, ill, or injured Service Member or learning more about our program, please contact the Transition Team.


The career transition team provides wounded, ill, or injured SOF Service Members employment assistance by leveraging established partners and networking them with those who are seeking employment outside of the fellowship process.

Wounded, ill, & injured SOF Service Members & Veterans

Transition coordinators work directly with SOF wounded, ill, & injured Service Members and Veterans during their employment search.  Transition coordinators assist the Service Member with navigating the private and public sector to find new employment including interview preparation, resume assistance, creating a LinkedIn profile, and employment searches.  


Employers interested in hiring SOF wounded, ill, & injured transitioning Service Members and Veterans can contact with the Transition Team to discuss their current employment opportunities.


The career transition team connects SOF wounded, ill, & injured Service Members with traditional education opportunities, certification programs, and entrepreneurial programs.  The Education & Retraining resources library, upcoming events, and newsletter contain up to date information and resources recommend by the Care Coalition Recovery Care Coordinators, Career Transition Team and Staff.  The resources cover a wide variety of organizations that provide assistance in areas such as careers, benefits, physical and mental health, transition and much more.
Career Counseling

Through multiple conversations transition coordinators help service members develop a customized career transition plan that supports their goals and needs as they transition into the private sector. These discussions focus on the Service Members experience, goals, education, financial needs, family, and other factors that are pertinent to their transition being efficient and effective. This customized approach ensures that the Service Member is the catalyst for developing, implementing, and executing their plan with the support of the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) career transition team.