Career Transition

USSOCOM Warrior Care Program –Care Coalition (WCP-CC) Career Transition team assists eligible SOF Service Members who are preparing to separate or retire from the military develop and implement a customized career transition plan. These plans are created by focusing on the SOF Service Members experience, goals, education, financial needs, family, and other factors that are pertinent to the success of their transition. Each referred SOF Service Member is assigned a Career Transition Coordinator who will help them develop and implement their career transition plan through discussion, research, networking and advocacy. Throughout this process the Career Transition Coordinators utilize the WCP-CC’s established network of companies, organizations, and programs to develop fellowship and education or retraining opportunities, provide resume assistance, and help SOF Service Members prepare for post-military employment.


Eligibility Requirements For Service Members to be referred for assistance

•Must be enrolled in the USSOCOM WCP-CC. For WCP-CC eligibility requirements please see Recovery Care Coordinators FAQ section.

•Meet requirements for CAT II or higher.

•Referred to the Career Transition team by their WCP-CC Recovery Care Coordinator.

•Service Members should be no more than 12 months from their expected separation or retirement date.


As of December 2020, over 600 transitioning WCP-CC SOF Service Members have participated in an unpaid fellowship opportunity through the WCP-CC Career Transition team. These fellowships allow transitioning Service Members to work with a civilian company or organization where they can gain hands on work experience and mentorship, learn a new skill or trade, bridge gaps in their resume, possibly obtain certification, and in many cases gain post-service employment well they are still on active duty.

Fellowships are conducted nationwide with companies of all size and across a variety of industries including, but not limited to, agriculture, government contracting, construction, IT, logistics, entertainment, entrepreneurship, real estate, coffee brewing, non-profits, medical, insurance, HVAC, transportation, law enforcement/security, education, distribution, and law.

The Career Transition team works directly with companies, organizations and service members to develop customized fellowship opportunities.



The Career Transition team helps SOF service member who are looking for employment plan for their post-service career through resume assistance, interview preparation, and networking with employers and educational organizations where they can obtain certifications and training within a specific industry.


Education and Retraining   The career transition team assists SOF Service Members who are interested in continuing their education or learning a new skill by connecting them with traditional education opportunities, certification programs, trade schools, entrepreneurial programs or other retraining or educational opportunities. Through these programs SOF Service Members  are able to gain degrees, certifications, or skills that will help them in their post-military career.


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