The USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) career transition initiatives strive to provide seamless transition into productive post-service careers for eligible wounded, ill, & injured SOF Service Members.   The USSOCOM career transition team provides support to SOF Service Members to augment the support provided from service specific programs.  It is a unique opportunity authorized by the SECDEF, but does not replicate or duplicate service specific transition programs.  

Services provided include private and public sector fellowships for transitioning active duty Service Members, employment assistance, and education and retraining resources.  Private sector fellowships allow Service Members to expand their professional networks, benefit from mentorship by civilian business leaders, and enhance their resumes.  Employment assistance includes professional resume assistance, referral to business mentorship programs, and assisting Service Members to network with private industry contacts.  The career transition team connects Service Members with existing education and retraining resources to maximize formal education opportunities, gain certificates, and prepare Service Members for transition into a new career field.  Please contact your Recovery Care Coordinator if you are interested in fellowships, employment assistance or education and retraining resources


Career transition's primary line of effort is the USSOCOM Fellowship Program.  A fellowship can be from 3-12 months (non-paid) and has proven increased employment opportunities for SOF transitioning Service Members.





Wounded, ill, & inured SOF Service Members & Veterans
Fellowships enable wounded, ill, & injured Service Members to develop their technical skills and business knowledge, expand their understanding of the companies that host the fellowship, and learn about different career paths that are open to them.  Wounded, ill, & injured Service Members have the opportunity to establish themselves as leaders in innovative programs and gain work experience and contribute to the organization's mission while remaining on Active Duty.  The USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) transition team has pre-established Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with corporations and organizations throughout the United States.  However, recovering Service Members can work with the transition team to establish new MOAs at companies that are of interest to them.  An example of one of the organizations that USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) has successfully established continuous public sector fellowships through is the H.E.R.O. Corps.  The H.E.R.O. Corps provides transitioning Service Members and Veterans the opportunity to train and job shadow U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in their mission to protect American's children.  Please contact your Recovery Care Coordinator for more information.

Career transition works with organizations to establish fellowships that have the potential to lead to employment.  Transition coordinators work with federal entities, corporations, and other organizations to set up fellowships through Operation Warfighter or with Memorandums of Agreement between the Warrior Care Program and the organization hosting the fellowship.  If you are interested in hosting a fellowship for a SOF wounded, ill, or injured Service Member, please contact the Transition Team.






Career transition's second line of effort is assisting SOF wounded, ill, & injured Service Members with employment by leveraging already established partners and networking them with those who are seeking employment outside of the fellowship process. 

Service Members

Transition coordinators work directly with SOF wounded, ill, & injured Service Members and Veterans during their employment search.  Transition coordinators assist the Service Member with navigating the private and public sector to find new employment.  Please contact your Recovery Care Coordinator for more information.

Employers interested in hiring SOF wounded, ill, & injured transitioning Service Members and Veterans can contact with the Transition Team to discuss current employment opportunities.




Career transition's final line of effort within career transition initiatives is Education and Retraining.  The intent is to connect SOF wounded, ill, & injured with traditional education opportunities, certification programs and entrepreneurial programs.  The Education & Retraining resources library contains the most used and reliable resources gathered from recommendations by the Care Coalition Recovery Care Coordinators and Staff.  The resources cover a wide variety of organizations that provide assistance in areas such as careers, benefits, physical and mental health, transition and much more.  Please contact your Recovery Care Coordinator for more information.