How long does the process take?

Once eSOF has reviewed your submissions for completeness, it is forwarded to applicable USSOCOM personnel for assessment for relevancy to our programs and mission. Personnel are given approximately 30-45 days to respond. Extra time may be needed if the applicable subject matter expert is not available to review your submission, we are unable to locate the appropriate program to review your submission, holidays, and other extenuating circumstances.

Who sees my submission?
eSOF submissions are staffed to personnel assigned to USSOCOM primarily at the HQ in Tampa. Personnel include Military, DoD Civilian, and Support Contractors. Submissions are not automatically forwarded to the Components or TSOCs by eSOF. Other USSOCOM personnel may send to their component counterparts (Military/DoD) at their own discretion. Support contract personnel are NOT authorized to disseminate your information to their respective companies.

What is the preferred capability paper format?
There is no preferred format for the capability paper. The capability paper should not include extensive company biographical information, history, or org charts but should have sufficient technical information for facilitating the decision making process.  Please review the Before You Submit Information for additional guidance.

Will I be contacted? How?
Once the review period has expired or as soon as the applicable personnel have had the opportunity to review your submission, your status and any feedback will be available via a link provided when you submit your capability. When necessary, we will also reach out to you via email using the information provided on your submission.

Does this process guarantee a meeting or contract with USSOCOM?
No. eSOF is for market research ONLY. Not all submissions will warrant a meeting with USSOCOM personnel. If a meeting is granted, meetings/discussions do not in any way indicate a desire, requirement, or commitment on the Government's behalf and are for market research purposes only.

What kind of funding is associated with eSOF?
Currently, there is no funding associated with eSOF. Again, meetings/discussions do not in any way indicate a desire, requirement, or commitment on the Government's behalf and are for market research purposes only.

What is the best way to contact eSOF?
The best way to contact eSOF is by emailing Additionally, all voice messages left at eSOF phone number are saved as .wav files and appear in eSOF email inbox. If eSOF is not available to take your call, please leave a voicemail that states your name, company, phone number, and email address up front followed by a concise statement of what you'd like to discuss.

What is the open period for eSOF submissions?
eSOF accepts submissions daily with no open/closed periods.

How is my proprietary information protected?
Your company's documents are safeguarded and/or released in accordance with your dissemination control markings. In the absence of control markings or if the markings are ambiguous or errant, your documents are treated as protected proprietary information and not released without coordination from the SOCOM legal team. Government support contractors involved in reviewing supporting documentation are prohibited from sharing any of your proprietary information with others either within or outside their parent company without your expressed written consent.