Broad Agency Announcements (BAA), Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO), and
Request for Information (RFI) Submissions

As it relates to BAA's The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has a long-term goal to develop technologies to meet Special Operations Forces (SOF) mission requirements. In accordance with FAR 35.016, the BAA process and corresponding white paper/input submissions contribute to meeting this goal.

To view the BAA or USSOCOM RFI, go to SAM.GOV then search for: "BAA USSOCOM" 

To submit in response to an active BAA, CSO, or USSOCOM RFI, click on the Submission Form link in the corresponding announcement below.

Active BAA, CSO, and RFI Announcements

                 Title                                                    Submission Link   |   Start Date  |  Expires

USSOCOM Biomedical and Human Performance link8/1/20237/31/2028
USSOCOM-BAAST-2020Submission Form4/27/202012/31/2025