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Technology Readiness Level*
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Provide a Brief Description of your Technology: What it is and What it does?
Experiment Objectives*
What is it you intend to prove?
Experiment Plan*
How do you plan on conducting your demonstration? - Measurement/Data Collection Plan:
Measures of Performance/Measures of Effectiveness:
New Capability*
What new capability (or improvement to existing capability) does this represent to the war fighter? This is the "So What?"
Capability Gap*
Which (if any) existing gap does this capability address?
Inside and/or Outside Space*
Please specify if there are limiting environmental factors
Unmanned Aerial Systems/UAS*
Will you be bringing a UAS?
--UAS Type
If you are bringing a UAS, which kind and how many?
Live Fire*
Does your experiment include live fire/kinetic/energetic operations? All respondents wishing to conduct experiments of a kinetic or energetic nature are responsible for ammunition and/or explosive shipments to include and Interim Hazard Classification (IHC) or final Hazard Classification (FHC) and coordination for receipt and storage at each venue.
--Live Fire Type
If you wish to conduct a live fire type experiment, what caliber and quantity of rounds or type/quantity of explosives?
Does your experiment involve the use of lasers, to include eye-safe lasers?
--Laser Class
If yes to using a laser, what class?
--Laser Wavelength
If yes to using a laser, what laser wavelength in nanometers?
Does your experiment require vehicles, ATVs, trucks, etc. as part of the actual experiment?
--Vehicle Use
If yes to using vehicles, what types of vehicles and how will they be used?
Other Potential Safety Issues, e.g. Explosives, pyrotechnics, hazardous chemical substances, or other occupational hazards
Participant Names/Responsibilities
Experiment Duration
Time required to complete experiment (hrs - min and max, pretest required?)
Night Operations*
Does your experiment require operating during the hours of darkness? All efforts will be made to accomodate, however resources for night operations are limited.
Communication Frequency*
Will you require Frequency Utilization? If your experiment will be radiating on a given frequency or frequency band, you must have prior approval to transmit on that frequency. Prior approval may include compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Title 47, Part 15 or a Special Temporary Authority (STA) from the FCC. If equipment is government owned and operating within a Federal Band, you must have National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) frequency approval. Your authority to radiate should be submitted along with your nomination or emailed directly to The FCC recommends you submit you request at least 30 days prior to the start of the event.
--Antenna Type
What Frequencies are required?
--Frequency Band
Frequencies Band
--Power Transmitted
Power Transmitted (Specify watts or dBm)
What are the physical dimensions of your technology solution? Please specify units. If this is not applicable, please type N/A above.
What is the weight of your technology solution? Please specify units. If this is not applicable, please type N/A above.
What are the power requirerments of your technology solution? Please specify units. If this is not applicable, please type N/A above.
Remote Site*
If a remote site is needed (e.g., experiment cannot take place at TOC), what support is required?
Remote Power*
If a remote site is required, will you require power (based upon availability) and what are your power requirements (i.e. current and voltage [120V or 240V])?
Do you anticipate publishing the results of your tests? Any published information may require prior SOCOM Public Affairs approval.
--Publish Location
If Yes, which publication?
International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) or Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Restrictions*
Does your technology have any ITAR or EAR restrictions?
Terms and Conditions Agreement*"I have read and agree to the Technical Experimentation Terms and Conditions."
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 Technical Experimentation Terms & Conditions

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