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​J4 Purpose and Lines of Effort

Our ability to meet the Nation's immediate and long-term challenges requires close cooperation and strong relationships with key stakeholders.  We are highly reliant on and influenced by the capabilities that reside within the DOD's Joint Logistics Enterprise (JLEnt), the defense agencies, commercial industry, academia, and our allies. As proponents for innovative and effective solutions, we use platforms such as our SOFWERX facility to harness the potential benefits of commercial industry and academia to make our supply chain data systems more robust and resilient. Our team of trusted logistics professionals, both military and civilian, are at the center of these efforts. Without our people, and the culture of service, the mission does not get done. Therefore, our USSOCOM J4 team will remain focused on the Commander's vision in order to further SOF objectives.

J4 Mission

​​To shape and set conditions for logistics and materiel solutions to sustain global SOF operations.