Offering world-class riverine and coastal training areas, NAVSCIATTS is located on the Mississippi coast 45 miles (72 kilometers) northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana.

State of Mississippi


Quota Allocation                                
NAVSCIATTS prepares a schedule for the projected fiscal year before the four annual Security Cooperation Program Management Reviews (TPMRs). This schedule may be adjusted to meet the requests for class quotas submitted by country Security Cooperation Officers (SCOs). The final schedule is forwarded to Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity (NETSAFA). To obtain quotas after completion of TPMRs, forward requests directly to NETSAFA via the Security Assistance Network (SAN). The NETSAFA webpage can be found at:                                            


Student Selection                                
All countries, Military Groups and Security Cooperation Officers should carefully select and screen prospective students in accordance with current directives, considering the candidate's rank, age, experience, formal prior training and the student's ability to represent his/her country favorably. At a minimum, students selected should be in good to excellent medical and dental health and should have current HIV and chest X-rays, normal vision (correctable to 20/20), normal hearing and manual dexterity. In addition, students should demonstrate general aptitude in basic reading comprehension, writing abilities and math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions and decimals) as well as qualify for general course prerequisites.

Effective March 2009: All candidates with the U.S. rank equivalent of 0-4 (Major or Lieutenant Commander) or higher will require a waiver from NAVSCIATTS in order to attend all non-strategic in-resident courses. Please email for approval.

For countries designated by Security Cooperation Program guidelines, students attending NAVSCIATTS courses in English must satisfactorily complete the English Comprehension Level Test (ECL) by scoring a minimum of 70% prior to departure for the United States. NAVSCIATTS operational and maintenance training is technical and hands-on. It is geared towards enlisted, non-commissioned officers and junior officers. NAVSCIATTS strategic training is classroom oriented and is designed for senior-level officers and civilian personnel.


Passport and Visas                                
In accordance with U.S. Immigration regulations, all students must possess a valid official passport with a proper visa to cover the entire length of their projected stay in the United States, plus a copy of their orders for presentation upon arrival. Students who travel through or stay in other countries during their transit to or from NAVSCIATTS need appropriate visas.


Invitational Travel Orders (ITOs)                                
The ITO is the controlling document for sponsorship, authorized training, conditions and privileges and is used to provide recognition of the military or equivalent civilian status of the student. Advance copies of ITOs should be forwarded to the NAVSCIATTS IMSO at least two weeks prior to the student's arrival. All students should have one original ITO and nine additional copies upon arrival.


Biographical Data                                
While not specifically required by current directives, SCOs are requested to forward a DD Form 2339 (DoD Biographic report) on each student. The availability of such biographical data has proven a useful tool in adapting course material to student capabilities and in providing effective counseling to students experiencing difficulties. The forms should be forwarded two weeks prior to the student's arrival.


Arrival Information                                
Students' arrival information should be forwarded to NAVSCIATTS two weeks prior to  arrival and should contain the student's name, gender, airline and flight number, date and time of arrival and point of debarkation. NAVSCIATTS will arrange transportation from the airport. Students should travel with the toll free number (1-800-332-0143) or the Command Duty Officer telephone number (1-228-813-4050 or 1-228-332-1294).



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