Checking In

 Offering world-class riverine and coastal training areas, NAVSCIATTS is located on the Mississippi coast 45 miles (72 kilometers) northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana.



All students will report to NAVSCIATTS with the following uniforms:
  • One dress uniform for the graduation ceremony and class picture.
  • Two sets of working uniforms (camouflaged utilities or equivalent).
  • One set of gym clothes with running shoes.
  • Civilian clothing including casual business attire.


NAVSCIATTS will provide the necessary safety equipment for use aboard the patrol craft and for the workshops. The uniform of the day will be determined by daily training requirements. Students should bring appropriate civilian attire for authorized liberty.
For information, contact the NAVSCIATTS International Military Student Officer (IMSO) at (228) 813-4326, DSN 823-4326, or email:



Students should arrive at NAVSCIATTS in good to excellent medical and dental health. The Command’s Medical Department will coordinate medical or dental treatment if necessary. Normally, students are only authorized routine medical care. Other medical and dental care will only be authorized under emergency circumstances. All students must have sufficient quantities of prescribed medications on hand to cover their training period.



Prior to departure from home country, arrangements should be made by the SCO for entitlements to be paid to students while at NAVSCIATTS. Students will receive a living allowance as specified in current directives and as authorized in their ITOs. This allowance will be disbursed in two payments. They will cash their U.S. government checks at Keesler Federal Credit Union located on-base.

It is important for students to remember that Keesler Federal Credit Union is used to cash checks only. This transaction is free. The bank is unable to provide the students regular banking services such as accounts, electronic transactions, loans, credit or debit cards, currency exchange, utility payments, cashing of foreign checks, etc.

It is imperative that during the first two weeks of training, students have sufficient funds in American dollars to cover basic and incidental expenditures.



Students will be issued a U.S. Military Identification Card upon arrival. This identification authorizes students the same military privileges as U.S. personnel, including entry to military facilities in the area and use of exchanges. Any student who loses an identification card should immediately report the lost card to the IMSO.


LEAVE AND LIBERTY                                

Students will not be granted leave while attending courses at NAVSCIATTS unless specifically authorized in their ITOs. Liberty is granted after normal working hours, and on weekends and holidays. Under no circumstances will students be authorized to travel outside the continental United States while assigned at NAVSCIATTS. Scheduled liberty buses will transport students regularly to local shopping malls, restaurants and other points of interest.


CLASS SCHEDULE                                

Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, from 0900 to 1600 hours with one hour for lunch. All students are required to participate in weekly physical training.