NAVSCIATTS Feedback Program 

Training feedback from our customers is crucial to the assessment and validation of training. NAVSCIATTS wants to hear from our customers on any training issues or other concerns. Our goal is to ensure training is relevant and responsive to the actual job performance skills required of our graduates.
To receive feedback on any training issue, training concerns, or to make a recommendation that is general in nature, please complete and submit the below form. Your submission will be sent directly to the NAVSCIATTS Commanding Officer, who will then forward your submission to the appropriate NAVSCIATTS manager or course leader for a response.
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Please be advised that this website is a public website with limited security for submitting information. Do not use the website to transmit classified information.
Please also note that failure to provide certain PII, i.e., your contact information, via this website may result in your request not being processed. However, you may also contact our command via telephone or email. Please see our Leadership page for contact details.
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