Who We Are:

NAVSCIATTS trains and educates strategic allied and partner Security Force Professionals across the tactical, operational, and strategic spectrums through  n-residence and Mobile Training Team Courses of Instruction; and serves as U.S. Special Operations Command's premier Security Force Assistance training asset. Almost 14,000 students from more than 120 Partner Nations have trained with this Naval Special Warfare command since 1963.

NAVSCIATTS Courses of Instruction include operations, repairs, sustainment of craft (both riverine and littoral), communications, weapons, small unit tactics, UAS, intel fusion operations, as well as Partner Nation instructor development. While the name implies, "naval" and "small craft," many of the current courses apply to any security force.

In addition, NAVSCIATTS has the ability to meet emergent requirements from operational commanders. NAVSCIATTS' five regionally-focused in-resident training semesters assist in developing, shaping, and maintaining strategic relationships with diverse Partner forces. By harnessing these vital relationships, this enables the protection of United States' investments and also advances the interests of the United States and its Partner Nations.

NAVSCIATTS has a proven methodology for Building Partner Capacity. We "Train the Trainers" using a combination of in-resident and mobile training team engagements. The mobile training team engagements are used as follow-on to in-resident training and utilize the NAVSCIATTS-trained Partner Nation trainers as the Instructor Cadre. This provides the ability for our Partner Nation trainers to establish credibility as Subject Matter Experts and allows NAVSCIATTS to critique and provide continued mentorship. 

One of, if not the primary benefit of training with NAVSCIATTS, is relationship-building. Many of our alumni remain in contact with the staff in regards to professional matters, such as evolving technologies or ever present training opportunities. The ability to provide training across course curriculums also provides an invaluable training opportunity and the formation of relationships. In-resident training provides the opportunity for students to network and socialize with other Security Force professionals from around the world.  Offering the ability to form professional and personal bonds that reach across oceans and continents, NAVSCIATTS has allowed for the establishment of networks that have provided assistance in counter-terrorism, counternarcotic, and counter human trafficking operations in a global environment.