Student Sponsor Program

The Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School (NAVSCIATTS) Student Sponsor Program is a U.S. Navy community outreach program designed to provide American citizens and their families a unique opportunity to meet and interact with International Military Students who are training with Naval Special Warfare Command at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi.

What is an International Military Student?

International Military Students are commissioned officers, enlisted military, police and civilian personnel from countries across the globe. The United States has dozens of schools across the country like NAVSCIATTS that provide classroom theory, hands-on training and senior level education designed to build partner nation capacity, develop personal and professional relationships, and increase Department of Defense interoperability with partner nation security forces. Our International Military Student Officer oversees a Field Study Program providing formal educational events for about 60 students at a time while they are here for 8 to 12 weeks of training.

Can I be a Sponsor?

We require that sponsors be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen (no green card holders), be of good moral character, share a genuine interest in people (international students specifically) and have time to invest in building friendships. They must be employed with a regular income and have reliable transportation and be willing to sponsor at least one student per fiscal quarter. We also ask that you maintain regular contact with the Student Sponsorship Coordinator throughout your time as a sponsor.

Roles of a Sponsor

What are the expectations of a Sponsor?

The goal of the Student Sponsorship Program is to allow students to experience not only superb training and our formal Field Study Program, but also enjoy hospitality and informal interaction with American citizens from the local community. Sponsors enhance the student's time in America by sharing culture and other experiences. At the same time, sponsors have an opportunity to learn more about the world we live in and meet new and interesting people from around the globe. As a Sponsor, you are a citizen ambassador who represents American values of democracy, diversity, human rights and freedom.

What is required as a sponsor?

We simply ask that you extend friendship, meet your student from time to time, invite the student to your home, take the student on routine daily errands or other ideas that you may have!

Does the “program” cost me anything?

No, not necessarily. The only requirement is spending time, energy, and sharing cultures. If you decide to plan an activity that requires funding, you can work out the cost details directly with the student.

How often will I contact or meet my student?

There is no minimum number or length of time requirements to be a sponsor. The amount of time, effort and contact with your student is entirely up to you and your student. Some sponsors may call the student by phone while others may keep in touch with their students every day!

Suggested Activities

• Field Study Program Events
• Local Community Events
• Birthday Parties
• Holiday Events
• Sporting Events
• Sightseeing
• Backyard BBQ or picnics
• NAVSCIATTS graduation



Contact us today to participate in the next Sponsorship Program Informational meeting. This short engagement will provide you with all the details needed to move forward as an Active Sponsor! Please email specific questions to the NAVSCIATTS Public Affairs Office by clicking: address.