Strategic Courses



(SLIC) | MASL (P145054)

 LENGTH:  Four weeks

Strategic Leaders International Course



The Strategic Leaders International Course (SLIC) is a four-week in-resident course designed to build partner capacity by offering senior military leaders (05-07 level) and senior government officials of partner nations new perspectives, methodologies, and opportunities for thinking strategically and for designing strategies that successfully address complex challenges. Strategic Leaders are introduced to methods and processes for Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Public Interest Communications and receive instructions from professionals who currently use these methodologies and processes in the public and private sectors. During the course, Strategic Leaders will apply the aforementioned methodologies in hands-on exercises in various case studies and in a capstone exercise designed against a current strategic challenge relevant to student countries. 

Special Information:  

This course is best suited for senior leaders interested in exploring leading-edge strategic thinking and in fostering enduring international relationships for a complex world. NAVSCIATTS will issue students the necessary safety and training equipment required for this course. All students will be lodged off-base. Transportation to and from classes will be provided by a shuttle bus. Military students are required to bring a formal uniform (for graduation and reception ceremonies), one or two business suits (for social events and travel), appropriate uniforms for classroom sessions, and civilian attire for travel and off-duty time. All students will be issued laptops for the duration of this course only. Funding options for this course include CTFP, IMET, CD, INL, CT and FMS.



(PNI) | MASL (P145149)

 CAPACITY:  Limited

 LENGTH: 18-24 months

​Partner Nation Instructor Program



Partner Nation Instructors (PNI) are Junior Officers (O2-O3) or Senior Enlisted (E7-E9) nominated by their own countries to serve 18-24 months at NAVSCIATTS as a guest instructor. PNIs benefit from this opportunity through gaining instructor training qualifications, leadership skill development, and working with a highly professional team that trains Foreign Security Force students from around the world.

Special information:  

The PNI is designed for small craft waterborne, small unit tactics, unmanned aerial vehicle, intelligence operations or maintenance instructors who will return to their home country with the experience of performing as part of a professional training staff. The expectation is that the gained experience will enhance their ability to implement changes to training organization processes and programs, understand resource and facility requirements needed to run an effective training facility, develop comprehensive training plans, and professionalize curriculum delivery methods.