​Para-Commandos Event Calendar


Jan 23 – Children's Gasparilla Parade, Tampa, FL  

Apr 24-25 – Marine Corps Air Base Beaufort Air Show, Beaufort, SC

May 15-16 – Frontiers in Flight Air Show, McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita KS

May 15-16 – Melborne Air Show, Melborne, FL

Jun 19-20 – Baltimore Air Show, Baltimore, MY

Jun 26-27 – Ocean City Air Show, Ocean City, MY

Jul 31-Aug 1 – Oregon International Air Show, Portland, OR

Aig 14-15 – Owensboro Air Show, Owensboro, KY

DISCLAIMER - Dates that appear to be open may or may not actually be open.  Not shown on this calendar are mandatory training events and exercises.  If you have a question about a date, email para-commandos@socom.mil or call 813-826-7714 / 7719.