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U.S. Special Operations Command to host public exercise at Tampa Convention Center May 17 & 18U-S--Special-Operations-Command-to-host-public-exercise-at-Tampa-Convention-Center-May-17---18U-S--Special-Operations-Command-to-host-public-exercise-at-Tampa-Convention-Center-May-17---18.aspx
5/13/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
U.S. Special Operations Commander Visits ParaguayU-S--Special-Operations-Commander-Visits-ParaguayU-S--Special-Operations-Commander-Visits-Paraguay.aspx
5/11/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S3 E4 - Best Rangers 2022 - CPT Josh Corson and CPT Ty Boylesofcast-s3e04sofcast-s3e04.aspx
5/4/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
Spec Ops Liaison Program Evolves to Further Strengthen Partner Nation RelationsSpec-Ops-Liaison-Program-Evolves-to-Further-Strengthen-Partner-Nation-RelationsSpec-Ops-Liaison-Program-Evolves-to-Further-Strengthen-Partner-Nation-Relations.aspx
5/3/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S3 E3 ReBlast - Low Level Blast Exposure and SOFsofcast-s3e03sofcast-s3e03.aspx
4/21/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOF Vision and StrategySOF-Vision-and-StrategySOF-Vision-and-Strategy.aspx
4/11/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S3 E2 - SFC Doug Kiesewetter - Preserving what you've builtsofcast-s3e02sofcast-s3e02.aspx
4/8/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
U.S. Special Operations Commander Visits NorwayU-S--Special-Operations-Commander-Visits-NorwayU-S--Special-Operations-Commander-Visits-Norway.aspx
Checked Out To: Michael Clarke - CMAU-S--Special-Operations-Commander-Visits-Norway.aspx
Checked Out To: Michael Clarke - CMA
4/1/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S3 E1 - SMSgt Derek Anderson - An impossible mission to save 13 livessofcast-s3e01sofcast-s3e01.aspx
3/28/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2 E12 - USSOCOM Commander GEN Richard D. Clarkesofcast-s2e12sofcast-s2e12.aspx
2/23/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2 E11 SSgt Nick Jones - The battle that changed his life foreversofcast-s2e11sofcast-s2e11.aspx
2/9/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2E10 Lt. Col. Onnie Retkofsky - Resilience through spirit!sofcast-s2e10sofcast-s2e10.aspx
1/27/2022Michael Clarke - CMA
SOF Soldiers receive Medal of HonorSOF-Soldiers-receive-Medal-of-HonorSOF-Soldiers-receive-Medal-of-Honor.aspx
12/17/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2EP7 - Dr. David Kilcullen - Counterterrorism and Strategic Competitionsofcast-s2-ep-7sofcast-s2-ep-7.aspx
Checked Out To: Michael Clarke - CMAsofcast-s2-ep-7.aspx
Checked Out To: Michael Clarke - CMA
12/16/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
Brian M. Bourgeois ObituaryBrian-Bourgeois-ObituaryBrian-Bourgeois-Obituary.aspx
12/13/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
Green Beret talks resilience through life-changing injuryGreen-Beret-talks-resilience-through-life-changing-injuryGreen-Beret-talks-resilience-through-life-changing-injury.aspx
12/6/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2EP6 - Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (SEAC) Ramón Colón-Lópezsofcast-s2-ep-6sofcast-s2-ep-6.aspx
12/2/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
U.S. Special Operations Commander Visits HungaryU-S--Special-Operations-Commander-Visits-HungaryU-S--Special-Operations-Commander-Visits-Hungary.aspx
11/19/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2E5 - Maj Carly Costello and CPT Julia Pleasants - Women in SOFsofcast-s2-ep5sofcast-s2-ep5.aspx
11/17/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOCOM-led Tactical Assault Kit Product Center hosts hybrid workshop in Colorado SpringsSOCOM-led-Tactical-Assault-Kit-Product-Center-hosts-hybrid-workshopSOCOM-led-Tactical-Assault-Kit-Product-Center-hosts-hybrid-workshop.aspx
11/4/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2E4 - 10th Special Forces Team - What’s Working and What’s Notsofcast-s2-ep4sofcast-s2-ep4.aspx
11/3/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2 Ep. 3 Legendary Green Beret J. Stryker Meyer - MAC-V SOG, indig partnerships, and jungle warfare!sofcast-s2-ep3sofcast-s2-ep3.aspx
10/21/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast S2 Ep. 2 Green Beret MSG Tim Kennedy - Motivation, Drive, and Expanding Freedom!sofcast-s2-ep-2sofcast-s2-ep-2.aspx
10/4/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
Suicide Prevention Message from CCM Smithsuicide-prevention-messagesuicide-prevention-message.aspx
9/29/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
Season 2 Premiere: SOFcast Ep. 25 - Former PJ's Brian Kimber and Scott Light - Giving of yourself, literally!SOFcast-ep-25SOFcast-ep-25.aspx
9/16/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
Remembering 9/11 - Message to the ForceRemembering-9-11---Message-to-the-ForceRemembering-9-11---Message-to-the-Force.aspx
9/10/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
USSOCOM marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with a four-day series of remembranceUSSOCOM-marks-the-20th-anniversary-of-9-11-with-a-four-day-series-of-remembranceUSSOCOM-marks-the-20th-anniversary-of-9-11-with-a-four-day-series-of-remembrance.aspx
9/10/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast: Reflecting on 9/11 and AfghanistanSOFcast-Reflecting-on-911-and-AfghanistanSOFcast-Reflecting-on-911-and-Afghanistan.aspx
9/9/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast Bonus Episode - Lessons from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp with Ryan Jensen and Cameron Kinleysofcast-bonus-episode-2sofcast-bonus-episode-2.aspx
8/24/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
SOFcast Bonus Episode - Active Duty SF Officer "Nate" talks toxic leadership, training, and building trustsofcast-bonus-episode-1sofcast-bonus-episode-1.aspx
8/10/2021Michael Clarke - CMA
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