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Machine learning and artifical intelligence and its effect on the battlefieldmachine-learning-artifical-intelligencemachine-learning-artifical-intelligence.aspx
USSOCOM partnering with Carnegie Mellon Unversity hosts the 19th Sovereign Challenge conference.
5/9/2019Clarke, Michael
USSOCOM inducts four historic figures into the Commando Hall of Honorussocom-inducts-four-historic-figures-into-the-commando-hall-of-honorussocom-inducts-four-historic-figures-into-the-commando-hall-of-honor.aspx
4/18/2019Clarke, Michael
Clarke becomes 12th USSOCOM Commandergeneral-clarke-change-of-commandgeneral-clarke-change-of-command.aspx
4/2/2019Clarke, Michael
USSOCOM and the city of Tampa mark 100 days from the 2019 Warrior Games100-days-to-2019-Warrior-Games100-days-to-2019-Warrior-Games.aspx
March 14 marks the 100-day countdown to the 2019 Warrior games.
3/15/2019Clarke, Michael
Medal of Honor recipients inducted into the Commando Hall of Honormedal-of-honor-recipients-inducted-into-the-commando-hall-of-honormedal-of-honor-recipients-inducted-into-the-commando-hall-of-honor.aspx
Special Operators who have been awarded the Medal of Honor get inducted into the USSOCOM Commando Hall of Honor.
2/20/2019Clarke, Michael
USSOCOM J6 presents SCOTY awardsj6-presents-scoty-awardsj6-presents-scoty-awards.aspx
12/31/2018Clarke, Michael
US senior leaders explore battlefield evidence processes at USSOCOMbattlefield-evidencebattlefield-evidence.aspx
12/10/2018Clarke, Michael
A Four Star Conversation Honoring Army Gen. Peter J. SchoomakerHonoring-Army-Gen-SchoomakerHonoring-Army-Gen-Schoomaker.aspx
Retired Army Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker has his portrait unveiled at University of Tampa
11/21/2018Clarke, Michael
USSOCOM Athletes Join Prince Harry and Others for Invictus GamesInvictus-Games-USSOCOM-Athletes-Join-Prince-HarryInvictus-Games-USSOCOM-Athletes-Join-Prince-Harry.aspx
USSOCOM Athletes participate in the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia.
10/26/2018Clarke, Michael
Message or Counter-Message: Crafting Effective Information Campaigns in the Internet AgeMessage-or-Counter-Message--Crafting-Effective-Information-Campaigns-in-the-Internet-AgeMessage-or-Counter-Message--Crafting-Effective-Information-Campaigns-in-the-Internet-Age.aspx
USSOCOM Sovereign Challenge tackles foreign interference
10/2/2018Clarke, Michael
Flipping Information Gathering Models and the Future of Asymmetric WarFlipping-Information-Gathering-Models-and-the-Future-of-Asymmetric-WarFlipping-Information-Gathering-Models-and-the-Future-of-Asymmetric-War.aspx
USSOCOM and USSTRATCOM commanders discuss the influence of data and technology on warfighting at the 2018 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference.
8/14/2018Clarke, Michael
USSOCOM announces the 2019 DoD Warrior GamesUSSOCOM-announces-the-2019-DoD-Warrior-GamesUSSOCOM-announces-the-2019-DoD-Warrior-Games.aspx
The 2019 DoD Warrior Games will be held in Tampa
8/9/2018Clarke, Michael
OSS Plank Holder and Special Operations Legend Laid to Rest at ArlingtonOSS-Plank-Holder-and-Special-Operations-Legend-Laid-to-Rest-at-ArlingtonOSS-Plank-Holder-and-Special-Operations-Legend-Laid-to-Rest-at-Arlington.aspx
7/26/2018Clarke, Michael
7th Group Green Beret competes in his first Warrior Games7th-Group-Green-Beret-competes-in-his-first-Warrior-Games7th-Group-Green-Beret-competes-in-his-first-Warrior-Games.aspx
Army Master Sgt. George Vera, a 7th Special Forces Group Green Beret, competes as one of many resilient spirits of today’s wounded, ill or injured service members from all branches of the military.
6/7/2018Clarke, Michael
Steadfast, resilient, relentlessSteadfast,-resilient,-relentlessSteadfast,-resilient,-relentless.aspx
At five foot three, with piercing eyes, Army Staff Sgt. Lauren Montoya, carries herself as a serious, professional Soldier.
6/5/2018Bailey, John
USSOCOM hosts D-Day Memorial ShootUSSOCOM-hosts-D-Day-Memorial-ShootUSSOCOM-hosts-D-Day-Memorial-Shoot.aspx
Military and civilian personnel, along with local law enforcement, participate in the U.S. Special Operations Command D-Day Memorial Shoot on MacDill Air Force Base., Fla., June 1, 2018.
6/5/2018Bailey, John
USSOCOM receives a replica of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the OSSUSSOCOM-receives-a-replica-of-the-Congressional-Gold-Medal-awarded-to-the-OSSUSSOCOM-receives-a-replica-of-the-Congressional-Gold-Medal-awarded-to-the-OSS.aspx
75 years in making, the U.S. Congress bestowed its highest civilian honor upon the Office of Strategic Services March 21, 2018.
5/29/2018Clarke, Michael
Multinational special operations forces conduct capabilities demonstration in TampaMultinational-special-operations-forces-conduct-capabilities-demonstration-in-TampaMultinational-special-operations-forces-conduct-capabilities-demonstration-in-Tampa.aspx
U.S. and international special operations forces conducted a scenario-based special operations capabilities demonstration in downtown Tampa, Florida, May 23.
5/25/2018Bailey, John
International SOF week kicks off in TampaInternational-SOF-week-kicks-off-in-TampaInternational-SOF-week-kicks-off-in-Tampa.aspx
Delegates from more than 70 nations will attend the International Special Operations Forces conference, May 21-24, at the Tampa Convention Center. The theme of this year’s ISOF is “optimizing special operations forces.”
5/21/2018Bailey, John
“Wild Bill” Donovan: SOF Pioneer“Wild-Bill”-Donovan-SOF-Pioneer“Wild-Bill”-Donovan-SOF-Pioneer.aspx
William J. Donovan is the only American to have received the nation’s four highest awards: the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the National Security Medal.
5/14/2018Bailey, John
USSOCOM inducts six new members to Commando Hall of HonorUSSOCOM-inducts-six-new-members-to-Commando-Hall-of-HonorUSSOCOM-inducts-six-new-members-to-Commando-Hall-of-Honor.aspx
U.S. Special Operations Command inducted six former special operators into the USSOCOM Commando Hall of Honor located at the USSOCOM headquarters, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, April 18, 2018.
4/19/2018Bailey, John
Special operations EOD pioneer 2018 Bull Simons Award recipientSpecial-operations-EOD-pioneer-2018-Bull-Simons-Award-recipientSpecial-operations-EOD-pioneer-2018-Bull-Simons-Award-recipient.aspx
Dennis Wolfe, a retired U.S. Army sergeant major, received U.S. Special Operations Command’s 2018 Bull Simons Award April 18, in Tampa, Florida.
4/19/2018Bailey, John
Gen. Thomas gives 31st anniversary opening remarksGen--Thomas-gives-31st-anniversary-opening-remarksGen--Thomas-gives-31st-anniversary-opening-remarks.aspx
Founded in 1987, USSOCOM organizes, trains and equips special operations forces and provides them to global combatant command operations in order to protect and advance our nation’s interests.
4/18/2018Bailey, John
Athletes get ready for Warrior GamesAthletes-get-ready-for-Warrior-GamesAthletes-get-ready-for-Warrior-Games.aspx
U.S. Special Operations Command Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) hosted a week-long training camp to prepare wounded and injured athletes for the upcoming Warrior Games 2018 competition. (Photo by Air Force Master Sgt. Barry Loo)
4/10/2018Bailey, John
USSOCOM initiative yields $6.5 million donation to charitiesUSSOCOM-initiative-yields-$6-5-million-donation-to-charitiesUSSOCOM-initiative-yields-$6-5-million-donation-to-charities.aspx
The Property Book and Central Receiving team has distributed to Tampa schools and numerous other non-profit groups. Today, SOCOM has issued more than $6.5 million in automation equipment since that first donation.
4/10/2018Bailey, John
USSOCOM hosts 16th Sovereign Challenge ConferenceUSSOCOM-hosts-16th-Sovereign-Challenge-Conference-Is-truth-a-commodityUSSOCOM-hosts-16th-Sovereign-Challenge-Conference-Is-truth-a-commodity.aspx
In an effort to understand how disinformation can spread quickly through exponentially expanding media platforms, U.S. Special Operations Command held the Sovereign Challenge Conference in New York City, March 20-23, 2018.
4/2/2018Bailey, John
Virginia Hall: The limping ladyVirginia-Hall--The-limping-ladyVirginia-Hall--The-limping-lady.aspx
“The woman who limps is one of the most dangerous Allied agents in France. We must find and destroy her.”  – Orders of the Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police, the Gestapo) in Nazi-occupied France.
3/2/2018Bailey, John
SOCOM officers mentor middle-schoolersSOCOM-officers-mentor-middle-schoolersSOCOM-officers-mentor-middle-schoolers.aspx
Army Cols. Michael McLendon and Joe Funderburke, both members of U.S. Special Operations Command, speak to middle school students in Tampa, Fla., Feb. 13, 2018. The officers spoke about the importance of commitment and overcoming obstacles.
2/14/2018Bailey, John
SOFWERX hosts ThunderDrone RPE IISOFWERX-hosts-ThunderDrone-RPE-IISOFWERX-hosts-ThunderDrone-RPE-II.aspx
Service members and representatives from technology industries, academia and laboratories converge for SOFWERX’s ThunderDrone Rapid Prototyping Event II in Tampa, Fla., Jan. 30-31, 2018.
2/7/2018Bailey, John
SOFWERX: A smart factory of innovation helping the warfighterSOFWERX--A-smart-factory-of-innovation-helping-the-warfighterSOFWERX--A-smart-factory-of-innovation-helping-the-warfighter.aspx
A factory of ideas and innovation, SOFWERX is a public-private innovator of technology designs fusing academia, civilian companies and other nontraditional DoD partners who work on United States Special Operations Command’s most challenging problems.
2/2/2018Bailey, John
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