The Hall of Honor was established in 2010 and recognizes those who have served with great distinction and have demonstrated leadership and selfless service within the SOF community.


Air Force Maj. Gen. John Alison

Army Col. Aaron Bank

Army Col. Charlie Beckwith

Master Chief Petty Officer Rudolph Boesch

Marine Corps Maj. James Capers

Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Evans Carlson

Army Brig. Gen. William Darby

Navy Capt. David Del Guidice

Command Sgt. Maj. William Grimes

Army Lt. Col. Michael Grimm

Rear Adm. Draper Kauffman

Chief Master Sgt. Michael Lampe

Army Maj. Gen. Robert McClure

Air Force Col. William Takacs


Air Force Brig. Gen. Harry Aderholt

Air Force Col. John Carney

Command Sgt. Maj. Galen Kittleson

Rear Adm. Irve LeMoyne

Marine Corps Lt. Col. George O'Dell

Navy Capt. Norman Olson

Marine Corps Col. Peter Ortiz

Master Chief Petty Officer James Parks

Army Maj. Larry Thorne

Chief Master Sgt. William Walter

Army Sgt. Maj. Billy Waugh

Army Lt. Gen William Yarborough


Air Force Master Sgt. Scott Fales

Army Maj. Gen. Robert Frederick

Army Maj. Gen. Frank Merrill

Chief Master Sgt. Wayne Norrad

Chief Master Sgt. Gordon Scott

Army Brig. Gen. Russell Volckmann


Army Chief Warrant Officer Fred Arooji

Army Col. Christopher Costa

Army Col. Jeffrey Jones


Army Sgt. Maj. Joseph Brauch

Air Force Col. Phillip Cochran

Mr. Richard Lunger

Air Force Lt. Gen. Leroy Manor

Air Force Col. Kenneth Poole

Army Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow


Air Force Maj. Gen. James L. Hobson, Jr.

Army 1st Lt. Jack L. Knight

Air Force Col. James H. Kyle

Command Sgt. Maj. Richard Lamb

Marine Corps Lt. Col. Terrence Moore

Marine Corps Col. John W. Ripley

Army Col. Phillip R. Stewart

Army Col. Lynn B. Stull

Army Chief Warrant Officer Paul Zeisman

​ ​


Army Maj. Caesar Civitella

Marine Corps Col. Robert Coates

Marine Corps Master Sgt. John Mosser

Air Force Col. Billy “Rusty” Napier

Army Maj. Thomas Powell

​ ​


Army Lt. Col. Herbert Avedon

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Bruce Brandewie

Army Capt. Wade Y. Ishimoto

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Harry McCommons

Army Master Sgt. Michael A. Palaez

Army Col. Christopher E. St. John

Army Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Ulatoski

​ ​


Army Maj. Raymond P. Ambrozak

Army Gen. Bryan D. Brown

Navy Capt. (SEAL) Charles Heron

Air Force Col. William J. Kornitzer

Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal

Army Maj. Gen. James E. Rudder

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Army Lt. Col. Leif Bangsboll

Mrs. Virginia Hall

Army Col. Charles R. Munske

Navy Command Master Chief (SEAL) Richard M. Rogers