Student Life

Field Studies Program                         
Free time activities include both the Field Studies Program and the Student Welcome Program.

We hope that the chance to study in your respective specialty at NAVSCIATTS is an exciting opportunity.  Along with this chance, is the unique opportunity to learn about Americans, our way of life, and our diverse cultures.  During the period of time you will be at NAVSCIATTS, you will be provided the opportunity to participate in our Field Studies Program.  The goal of NAVSCIATTS' Field Studies Program is to ensure that international students return to their homelands with an understanding of the responsibilities of governments, militaries, and citizens in order to protect, preserve, and respect the rights of every individual. It is an integral part of the total training program, and is second in importance only to the military objectives for which the International Military Student is training. 

During your stay at NAVSCIATTS, you will have various opportunities under FSP, to include the possibility to tour the World War II Museum in New Orleans, which covers in great depth the epic and global scale of "the war that changed the world."  Midway through the semester and depending on certain environmental factors, you will have the opportunity to again expand your understanding of Human Rights with a trip to Pensacola, Florida; home of the Blue Angels.  Students will visit the National Naval Aviation Museum--one of Florida’s most popular attractions.  On the return trip from Florida, you will stop in Alabama to visit the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.  Dedicated to the memory of Alabama veterans of all branches of the armed forces, this BB-60 Battleship has hosted thousands of visitors.  Also, home to the USS DRUM (SS-228) Submarine, you will have the rare opportunity to climb aboard the oldest American submarine on display in the world. 

Student Welcome Program                         
The NAVSCIATTS Student Welcome Program is designed to augment both curriculum and a formal Field Study Program by providing Foreign Security Force students with an opportunity to meet and interact with American citizens and families. Sponsors enhance the student's time in America by sharing culture and other experiences. The program also provides a great opportunity for sponsors and their families to learn more about the world through the students as well.  Please email or if you are interested in sponsoring a student or would like more information about this program.