Guest Instructors
PNIs benefit from their opportunity at NAVSCIATTS through gaining instructor training qualifications, leadership skill development, and working with a highly professional team that trains Foreign Security Force students from around the world.


Screening Requirements                         

The PNI is designed for small craft waterborne, small unit tactics, unmanned aerial vehicle, intelligence operations, or maintenance instructors who will return to their home country with the experience of performing as part of a professional training staff. The expectation is that the gained experience will enhance the PNI’s ability to implement changes to training organization processes and programs, understand resource and facility requirements needed to run an effective training facility, develop comprehensive training plans, and professionalize curriculum delivery methods.

PNIs must meet all the same screening requirements as their counterpart U.S instructors to include a psychological screening and successful completion of a certified U.S. Navy Basic Instructor Qualification Course after reporting to NAVSCIATTS. PNIs will complete the Core Unique Instructor Training requirements as directed by the NAVSCIATTS Learning Standards Office as part of the instructor qualification process.


Medical Requirements

NAVSCIATTS expects all PNIs to participate in all activities to include physical fitness training. This includes the ability to swim at a U.S. Navy Second Class Swimmer level. The purpose of this requirement is to promote good health, present a good military appearance, and to foster morale. PNIs will provide a copy of a medical statement to the NAVSCIATTS International Military Student Officer during in-processing to certify an ability to participate in strenuous physical fitness training. PNIs more than 40 years old will be given a medical screening by U.S. medical personnel to determine their physical ability to participate in regularly-scheduled physical fitness training.



Nominated PNIs must be funded entirely by the Partner Nation. Annual costs incurred include travel, to include the cost of a vehicle for local travel, lodging, pay and other allowances such as medical insurance. Cost is estimated at approximately $50,000-$60,000 per year. The PNI is also required to bring adequate military uniforms, to include national dress, duty, and field uniforms. PNIs must also bring adequate and appropriate civilian clothing for off-duty wear, social events and formal military events.