COMMANDER - Lt. Gen. Marshall B. Webb

COMMAND CHIEF - Chief Master Sgt. Gregory A. Smith 


Special Tactics

Special Operations Aviators

Support Air Commandos


Air Force Special Operations Command’s Special Tactics Airmen are highly-skilled operators trained and equipped to operate under difficult conditions with stealth, speed, and teamwork. Combat Controllers are certified air traffic controllers trained to infiltrate undetected via sea, air or land into combat and hostile environments to establish assault zones or airfields, while simultaneously conducting air traffic control, fire support, command and control, direct action, counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, humanitarian assistance and special reconnaissance. Pararescuemen, or PJs, are the only Defense Department specialty specifically trained and equipped to conduct conventional and unconventional recovery operations. Special Operations Weather Team members are Air Force meteorologists with unique training to operate in hostile or denied territory to assess environmental data, conduct environmental special reconnaissance, and forecast operational impacts. AFSOC Tactical Air Control Party members deploy with Special Operations Forces operating and supervising communication nets to support Army ground maneuver units. They are also certified in joint terminal attack control allowing them to orchestrate close air support. Lastly, the Special Operations Surgical Team is an extremely lightweight, mobile and rapidly deployable element that provides highly advanced trauma life support, life-saving damage-control surgery, pre/post-operative resuscitation and critical care, and CASEVAC aboard SOF aircraft and/or other opportune/civilian air, land or sea platforms.


Special Operations Aviators

Air Force Special Operations Command aviators are America’s specialized airpower. They fly a fleet of specially-modified aircraft -- mainly under the cover of darkness -- to conduct long-range infiltration and exfiltration; precision strike; aerial refueling; military information support operations; foreign internal defense; command and control; and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance anywhere in the world.


Support Air Commandos

Air Commandos hold true to a proud warrior heritage. Serving in a variety of mission support, maintenance and medical career fields, they enable the AFSOC mission and ensure successful operations anytime…anyplace.


AFSOC Information

LOCATION: Hurlburt Field, Florida

ESTABLISHED: May 22, 1990

MISSION: Provide our Nation’s specialized airpower capability across the spectrum of conflict. Any place, any time, anywhere.

VISION: Air Commandos. Ready today, relevant tomorrow, resilient always.

PEOPLE: Approximately 19,500 


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