What’s a Power-of-Attorney?
What is a “Power of Attorney”, and how do I get one put in place?

By: Family - Legal - 3/3/2017

Short-notice deployments are common among SOF families, which means there might not be much lead time to prepare for separation.  A power of attorney is an important legal document you should take time to prepare and sign well in advance.  A power of attorney document gives one designated person (such as a spouse, parent, or friend) the legal authority to act on another person's behalf in his or her absence.

This document enables someone back home to make decisions when an operator or enabler is deployed.  Providing power of attorney to your spouse enables her or him, for example, to access bank accounts so bills can get paid.  A power of attorney also enables your designated person to file your taxes or to request an extension if you're in a combat zone.

There are three different types of powers of attorney:  general, special, and durable.  Visit your installation legal assistance office to talk to an attorney about your unique needs.

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