Spiritual night vision goggles
Faith is like night-vision goggles, it overcomes the limitations of our vision.

By: Spirit - Spiritual Care - 5/24/2017

Rats, squids, raccoons, and geckos might not be at the top of your favorite creature list.  However, they all share a super power to be envied: their ability to see in low light conditions greatly exceeds that of humans.  The human eye by itself lacks sufficient capability to see well in darkness.

The black of night limits perception, heightens uncertainty, throws us off balance, and makes it difficult to safely navigating rough terrain.  However, the advent of night vision devices has been a real game changer when it comes to negotiating low light conditions.  They overcome the limits of darkness and make it possible for humans to see great distances and move freely at night.

Sometimes our situation in life is like trying to move around in the dark.  When the view of our path forward is limited, we're prone to run into things, stumble, and fall.  We make decisions that we don't normally make, and the consequences of our actions can be quite painful.  Faith is like night vision goggles.  It overcomes the limitations of our vision.

It helps us experience new possibilities and renews hope.  Faith makes the most of low light conditions and provides confidence when things are uncertain.  It strengthens us to press on when a positive outcome is far from sight.  Seeing is believing, but our beliefs also change the way we look at things.

Setting aside a few minutes to reflect on your core beliefs can be valuable.  Take a moment to write out your core beliefs.  How do your beliefs provide strength?  In what ways have your beliefs helped you in the past?  How do they affect your actions?  Once you have written them down, it also might help to ask a trusted friend or spouse how he or she sees your beliefs affecting your life and actions.

Both internal reflection and feedback from others can improve spiritual night vision and help to gain a fresh perspective in life.

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