How can I change my attitude
I focus on the negative too much. How can I change my attitude?

By: Family - Relationships - 11/15/2018

Being optimistic and able to find victories in small daily things are skills that can be learned, but it takes conscious effort.  Start training your brain to look for the positive:

  • Focus on what's possible

  • Take advantage of opportunities

  • Develop realistic expectations

  • Identify solutions within your control

  • Foster hope for the future

Just navigating a stressful situation can be a reason to congratulate yourself, like:

  • Don't get mad at your children or spouse for being late to dinner (again); instead, focus on being able to spend time together and just show them you appreciate them.

  • Hold back frustration when you struggle to help your child with homework.  Then you can  focus on problem solving together.

  • Refrain from getting overly angry when your partner forgets to do an errand you asked for help with.  If you keep anger at bay, you can still express disappointment and move on to making an improved game plan to get the errand done.

  • Instead of getting annoyed with your kids when they're loudly acting out scenes from a movie, focus on being able to appreciate their creativeness and attention to detail.

These are just a few examples of opportunities for optimism that ultimately can train you to enjoy the positive and let go of the negative.

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