Divorce-Legally, what do I need to know?
My marriage feels like it’s falling apart, and I’m considering divorce. Legally, what do I need to know?

By: Family - Legal - 3/2/2017

Splitting from your spouse is never an easy decision, but divorce happens a lot in the military and even more so in the SOF community. You should at least feel that you can make an informed decision. It's important to remember that divorce laws differ by state and sometimes by jurisdiction. You should also consider what legal issues you might face due to your family's military service.

Contact your local legal assistance center for information about what to expect during the process of divorce. You can speak with an attorney and get your questions answered. Learn about the rights and benefits for divorced spouses and what you might be entitled to as either a military member or a former spouse of a military member.

Accessing these services and resources can help you feel more confident about the tough decisions ahead.

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