Are there healthy arguments?
Yes, there is! Arguing won’t destroy your relationship if it (1) doesn’t have certain negative interactions and (2) gets resolved—even if you just agree to disagree. The key to healthy arguments is to avoid the following:

By: Family - Relationships - 11/15/2018

Criticism.  Don't attack the other person's character or blame the other person.  Stick to the issue that started the argument.

Contempt.  Don't use words or actions that suggest lack of respect.  Signs of disrespect can be as simple as rolling your eyes, saying "puh-lease," or comments such as "Are you stupid?".

Stonewalling / Withdrawal.
  Don't remove yourself from the conversation without warning or in any way that suggests disapproval or distance.  This includes ignoring the other person or storming out of the room.

Defensiveness.  Don't make excuses or deny responsibility.  Listen to what's being said, ask for details, let your critic have his or her opinion, and use the criticism to learn.

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