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Welcome to United States Special Operations Command Pacific. Congratulations on joining the ranks of elite operators who proudly serve as the 'quiet professionals' of the armed forces. Special Operation Command, our parent unit, has robust family programs and service member support systems complementing our unique joint forces environment. We, as an extension of the SOCOM family have full access to these programs. On this page you will find links to resources you will need as a newcomer to SOCPAC. SOCPAC headquarters is located on Marine Corps Base Camp H.M. Smith overlooking Pearl Harbor and is centrally located near Schofield Barracks, MCB Hawaii, and JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

SOCPAC Air Force Reserve Unit Reserve Coordinators (URCs)

​MSgt Audrey Maxwell (IMA)
DSN:  315  Comm:  808-477-2903
Email:  audrey.maxwell@socom.mil
​SSgt Chakaris Lewis (AD)
DSN:  315  Comm:  808-204-3612
Email: chakaris.s.lewis.mil@socom.mil  

MSgt Noel Abad (AD)
DSN:  315  Comm:  808-204-3620

MSgt Joe Fussell(AD)
DSN:  315  Comm:  808-477-9675

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