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OIC Notes


Although we are coming to the end of quite a year – 2020, it is likely not safe to assume 2021 will immediately bring the change we anxiously seek. Simply put, COVID has created new norms and we must be resilient to change.

 As we enter the new fiscal year, I'd like to remind you of a few things which require your attention:

  1. When conducting annual training (with AT orders), be sure to gain certification of those orders and submit immediately upon completion of the duties.
  2. Take ownership of your own evaluations.  Be sure to give your leadership ample reminders of your upcoming due dates.  You should be conducting quarterly counselings and it never hurts to remind your rating chain of that.
  3. Get your flu shots ASAP.
  4. Tend to your medical and dental requirements – do not allow them to lapse.

As member of the SOF Enterprise, our readiness is expected to be top notch.  The ARE Staff relies on each of you to do your part to maintain your administrative readiness. While the ARE staff is currently undermanned, we are applying necessary adjustments to our AGR staff members' responsibilities in order to continue to provide the necessary customer service you require. Currently, several of our AGR staff are dual-hatted while we await additional inbound members to arrive.  Please do your part, and it will relieve some of the burden on our staff to chase down delinquencies.

The election season is almost over; but that does NOT mean that potential risks and threats will not emerge as a result of the outcome. Be ever vigilant among your respective environments to ensure the safety of yourselves and your families. Do not be a target; and avoid potential "hot spots" where crises can emerge.

As we near the holiday season, be ever mindful of safety. It goes without saying, that the contagion environment creates additional challenges to those already present during the holidays. Take the time to assess your planned actions and determine if there are alternatives that may achieve your goals while reducing risks.

As always, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact your Detachment leadership for assistance, or, if you wish to speak with me, my door is always open.


Ready Professionals!

 -COL Scott Ward

Upcoming USSOCOM ARE Events

Barring any future restrictions, the below scheduled training events will be executed as written:

26 JAN: AWT Training

13 APR: Record ACFT

27 APR: Record ACFT

28 APR: AWT Training

28 JUL: AWT Training

SEA Notes


FY21 has officially begun, which means that it is time for you to start submitting your yearly training plans. Start communicating with your assigned Directorate or unit to plan your FY21 training schedule. You should have your training plans submitted no later than 15 November 2020.


Training priorities are as follows:

  1. Duty Military Occupational Specialty Qualification (DMOSQ)
  2. Professional Military Education (PME)
  3. Mission Essential Task (METs)
  4. Army Warrior Task Training
  5. Individual Weapons Qualification


Ensure you stay current on your individual readiness throughout the year. You are expected to complete a PHA and dental exam every 12 months and should start scheduling your appointments when you are within 90 days of your next required examination date. Staying on top of these requirements will ensure that you avoid issues with receiving approval for orders and school applications. 

For those of you who may not be aware, as of 30 September 2020 the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) will no longer be conducted.  The Army has transitioned to the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), but its implementation it is on hold until future notice.  As long as you passed an APFT between March 2019 and March 2020, you will be considered current on your physical fitness test requirements. However, Army height and weight requirements are not suspended as part of this change and you are still required to conduct height and weight measurements every six months. The temporary suspension of the ACFT requirements does not mean that you should neglect your physical fitness training. We work within the SOF community and will maintain an appropriate military appearance and level of physical fitness, in line with USSOCOM expectations. I expect you to be good ambassadors for the Army Reserves and I appreciate those of you who continue to do this without reminder.

As we head into the Holiday season, make efforts to stay safe in your travels and enjoy time with your loved ones. Keep in mind that COVID 19 is still a threat and ensure that you are taking the proper precautions to protect yourselves and your families.  You are the Army's most valuable asset and we need you to remain fit to fight and ready for action at all times!