The USSOCOM Army Reserve Element was established on 31 October 2013, tasked with the management of the Troop Program Unit (TPU) positions and soldiers supporting USSOCOM.
In general, if you are assigned to a TPU position within JSOC, you are in 1st Detachment. If you are assigned to a TPU position within a HQ, USSOCOM Directorate or Division, you are in 2nd Detachment. If you are assigned to a TPU position within a TSOC or other SOF element, you are in 3rd Detachment.
The answer is both. TPU soldiers assigned to the USSOCOM ARE are assigned to 76th ORC positions. The CDR, USSOCOM has been given OPCON responsibilities over the USSOCOM ARE, while ADCON responsibilities remain with the CDR, 76th ORC. What this generally means for Reservists assigned to the ARE is that all administrative paperwork is routed to the 76th ORC for processing and they are still required to fulfill 76th ORC reporting requirements and maintain unit metrics.
USSOCOM ARE soldiers are assigned to individual TPU positions associated with a particular Command, TSOC, Directorate, Division, or Section. Regardless of a TPU soldier’s duty status, they will report to their assigned unit (the unit to which their position belongs), unless other arrangements have been coordinated and approved by the affected Detachment OIC.
Soldiers interested in joining the USSOCOM ARE should send an email to USSOCOM-ARE@socom.mil with your name, rank, military occupational specialty, component (Regular Army, Army Reserves, or National Guard), duty status (Active Duty, TPU, IMA, or IRR), and current unit (if applicable).