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SOCCENT Culture Statement

Introduction: SOCCENT culture is characterized by the shared attitudes, values, heritage, traditions, beliefs, and practices that exist within our organization. Our culture statement helps define who we are, who we want to be, how we treat each other, how we run our organization, and how we serve our nation. It is shaped collectively through our past; by the unique perspectives brought daily by each of our team members, and by the values and decisions of former leaders that continue to influence and inspire our organization to this day. While our past is important, so is our future. It is imperative that our culture adapt as our organization and vision evolves. Our culture is unique and distinct from other TSOCs and Special Operations Forces (SOF) organizations due to the nature of our mission and responsibilities at SOCCENT, our AOR and our adversaries.

Our Organization: Our organization is a joint SOF warfighting HQs. We are a sub-unified command that plans, prepares, and conducts special operations 24/7 in the CENTCOM AOR. We work with the U.S. government interagency, allies, regional partners and other individuals to employ SOF capabilities and expertise utilizing an irregular warfare approach across multiple domains (air, land, sea, cyber and space) throughout the region. We do this to achieve cognitive and physical effects at the strategic and operational level to compete against and ultimately undermine our adversaries in defense of our great nation and our way of life. Since the stand up of our HQs on 1 October 1985, our organization has participated in regional conflicts and numerous contingencies requiring our organization to evolve and make adjustments in both our operating approach and structure to remain relevant and capable of meeting the high demands imposed on us by our nation. Today, we stand at the forefront of the greater SOF enterprise and Global SOF Network, ready to meet any challenge thrown our way.

Our People and Their Composition: Our people are our greatest asset. SOF Truth #1 states, “Humans are more important than hardware.”


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