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Welcome to Special Operations Command Africa

Welcome to Special Operations Command Africa, a Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) and sub-unified command for United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM). SOCAFRICA is located on Kelley Barracks, Möhringen, Germany, 70567.

We are all looking forward to your arrival. It is important to us that you experience a smooth transition in route to SOCAFRICA. Therefore, to better acquaint yourself with SOCAFRICA, the Stuttgart Community, and your other needs, we ask that you thoroughly review the content on this website, participate in the media forums and ask questions.

We expect the On-Boarding website will answer most of your questions and help set your mind at ease during an often stressful process. Please do not hesitate to contact your sponsor, the Command Sponsor Coordinator, SOCAFRICA J-1 or the SOCAFRICA Command Senior Enlisted Leader if you have any issues or concerns. Again, we look forward to your arrival and welcome to SOCAFRICA!

For information on U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart, please follow the link to the Garrison Web site USAG Stuttgart.


Pre-Arrival Checklist

This checklist provides a summary of the major tasks and requirements necessary for your Permanent Change of Station. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it really is a smooth process. For now, focus on getting ready to leave your current duty assignment and let your sponsor and the Stuttgart Community help you arrive.

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▢ Provide Sponsor with the Sponsorship Needs Assessment Form (updated June 17, 2022)

▢ Create personalized Moving Plan

Organize property for storage/ shipment

Organize or apply Passport(s)

Arrange Lodging

▢ Ship your POV

▢ Get a CMR Address (Sponsor)

Review Housing Information

▢ Pre-Register children for School

▢ Provide Flight information and transit contact information to sponsor

Be sure your PCS Orders authorize and you book a direct flight into Stuttgart (STR).

Passport Services

US Military should have an Official (Brown) for work & Tourist (Blue) if they intend to travel throughout Europe.

Dependents should have a No-Fee (Blue) with SOFA Stamp for entering and staying in Germany and a Tourist (Blue) if they intend to travel throughout Europe. (e.g. If you and your family decide to fly to the U.K., you will need the Official/ No-Fee Passports to return to Germany and the Tourist Passports to enter the U.K.

DO NOT allow anyone to put a SOFA Stamp in your Tourist Passport – it will make it a No-Fee and you may encounter issues trying to enter other countries.

US Military
  • Military personnel on official business require military ID card and NATO or service travel orders.
  • Military personnel assigned to positions or units with missions that may require deployment to other countries that do require passports should bring a passport to Germany.
  • Official passport required for military personnel assigned to Africa Command.
  • Military personnel who already possess a passport (official or tourist) should carry that passport with them for travel beyond Germany on duty or leave.
US Government Civilians
  • No-fee passport required, except as noted in section I.A.2.b, below. Passport must be valid for at least three (3) months beyond travelers planned departure from the Schengen area for short stays or temporary duty (TDY). For Permanent Change of Station (PCS) assignments or stays longer than six (6) months, passport must be valid for at least three (3) months at the time of entry into the Schengen area and can be renewed at the sponsor's servicing military passport facility not earlier than (NET) six (6) months prior to the expiration date.
  • US citizen civilian personnel on a command-sponsored assignment and all accompanying US citizen family members of both military and civilian personnel should arrange with a US military passport office or agent to obtain a State Department-issued Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) stamp in their US no-fee passport before arriving in Germany.
Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)
  • The first step in securing your POV is to be issued your US Army Europe (USAEUR) Driver's License. The class and test can be taken online or you may sign up and take the class during in-processing. The on-line test results are only good for 60 days, so don't do it too early.
  • Once you have your license and you have been notified that your POV is at Panzer Kaserne for pick-up, you can go to the Vehicle Registration Office to apply for a temporary registration. It is recommended that you make your appointment on-line if possible.
  • Now that you have your temporary plates and registration, make an appointment for your Vehicle Inspection.
  • Once your vehicle passes inspection, you will have to make another appointment or walk-in to have your permanent registration issued. It is HIGHLY recommended that you try to coordinate and schedule your appointments on-line during the summer. It is common for all walk-in appointments to be taken within minutes of the office opening. In fact, there is normally a 'walk-ins' line as early as 6am for sign-up. The fact is, be flexible and understand that you may spend a lot of time waiting in lines for a process that takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • You will receive information about obtaining your ESSO card at Vehicle Registration. Your authorized Liters per month is based on your vehicle type. You will take your registration to either the Main Exchange, the Patch or Kelley Shoppette or the Robinson Barracks Furniture Store.
  • Visit the Vehicle Registration site to learn more about required documents, forms and to familiarize yourself with how to make appointments.

Stuttgart Bases

Panzer Kaserne (PK) - Located in Böblingen is the in-processing hub for Stuttgart.  It has the Panzer Hotel, the Main Exchange, a small Commissary, Child Youth Services (CYS), On Base Housing, Post Office, Fitness Center, Housing Services Office, Dental Clinic, Veterinary Clinic, Passport and SOFA services, Installation Access Control (IACS) and ID cards, Vehicle Inspection & Registration services, Education Center, Army Community Service (ACS), USO, Utility Tax Avoidance (UTAP) Office, Value Added Tax (VAT) Office, Voting Assistance Services, Outdoor Recreation, Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center, Automotive Skills Center, Military Clothing Sales & Shoppette, the Stuttgart High-School, and Stuttgart Elementary School.


Patch Barracks (PB) - Located near Vaihingen, is the home to US European Command (EUCOM), Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), Defense Information Systems Agency, 52nd Signal Battalion, 554th Military Police Company.  Army Health Clinic, Food Court, Main Commissary, Child Youth Services (CYS), On Base Housing, Post Office, Fitness Center, Community Center, Patch Movie Theater, Patch Library, Patch Car Wash, Shoppette & Gas Station, and the Patch Middle School and the Patch Elementary School (temporary located at Panzer Kaserne).


Kelley Barracks (KB) - Located near Möhringen, it is the home of US Africa Command (AFRICOM), Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA) Kelley Hotel, Stuttgart Law Center, Commissary, Child Youth Services (CYS), On Base Housing, Post Office, Fitness Center, Community Center, Kelley Theater, Kelley Car Wash, Shoppette & Gas Station.


Robinson Barracks (RB) - Located near Burgholzhof, it contains almost exclusively family housing and offers Child Youth Services (CYS), Post Office, Fitness Center, Community Center, Robinson Library, AAFES Furniture store and Shoppette, the Robinson Barracks Elementary School (RBES), and Armed Forces Radio Network (AFN) Stuttgart.


Stuttgart Army Airfield (SAAF) - located near ​Filderstadt, it contains various units and is the location of the Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) (use email certificate).

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Civilian Personnel
Stuttgart’s CPAC office is located on Panzer Kaserne

Customer Service Hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
    • 0900-1200 – By Appointment
    • 1300-1630 – Walk-in Basis
  • Tuesday, Thursday:
    • 0800-1200 – Closed
    • 1300-1630 – Walk-in Basis
CIV: 011-49-7031-115-2837/3454/3139

DSN: 314-431-2837/3454/3139

SOCAFRICA Civilian Personnel Management Team
CIV: +49 711-7077-9120 or 9121

DSN: 324-379-9120 or 9121

Reserve Personnel

Location: BLD 3304 RM 105, Kelley Barracks

Call us:

Chief Contingency Augmentation and Reserve Affairs

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Temporary Lodging

Your sponsor will assist in coordinating temporary lodging while you in-process and as you await housing. In order to do this, your sponsor will need you to provide a copy of your PCS Orders, your leave information and total number of people.

  • Panzer Hotel is the most convenient due to its central location for in processing, housing and vehicle registration. In addition, Panzer Kaserne has the Bowling Alley, the Main Exchange with a food court and buses which run almost hourly to all the other Stuttgart bases.
  • Kelley Hotel is close to the organization, however, there is no A/C and most facilities on Kelley are not open for the weekend (Commissary, Bank).
  • There are many off-post hotels that are within authorized per-diem, but transportation to and from the installation(s) can prove to be cumbersome. The isolation may be stressful for the family members and accommodations which allow pets can be difficult to find.
  • Another option is to book private living spaces for travelers. These can be cost saving alternatives to a hotel, the "renter" may authorize discounts for weekly and monthly stays, and can be convenient with extended stays while awaiting your new home.

** A certificate of non-availability must be obtained prior to making off-base lodging arrangements **


Please visit the Housing Services Office website for the most up-to-date information.

On Post
  • Housing is available at all Stuttgart locations.
  • Available units and your availability date will determine how quickly you may receive a home.
  • The Housing Services Office can normally project far enough out to determine whether or not there will be a unit available.
  • Take a tour.
  • Contact the Housing Office prior to beginning your search for off-post housing.
  • Housing in the Stuttgart area is expensive because there are many people working for major industries who are all searching for housing in the Stuttgart metro area.
  • There is adequate off post housing: apartments, penthouses, marionette apartments [which are two- floored apartments], townhouses, duplexes, and free-standing houses.
  • The square meter prices are high and, therefore, some units will be priced higher than the Overseas Housing Allowance rate (OHA). Apartments, townhouses, and duplexes are generally less expensive and are easier to find.
  • Large homes or free-standing single houses, with multiple bathrooms, large yards and 5+ bedrooms are more difficult to find and are usually located outside school zones.

There are three (3) Elementary School, one (1) Middle School and one (1) High School in the Stuttgart community.

  • Stuttgart Elementary School - Panzer Kaserne
  • Patch Elementary School - Patch Barracks (Temporarily on Panzer Kaserne)
  • Robinson Barracks Elementary School - Robinson Barracks
  • Patch Middle School - Patch Barracks
  • Stuttgart High-School - Panzer Kaserne
Off Post School

There are many parents that decide to enroll their children in German Public Schools. Contact the School Liaison Officer to learn more.

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