WELCOME to Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH)



Reporting to SOCSOUTH

When reporting for duty, personnel must report to SOCSOUTH Headquarters, 29401 SW 125th Ave., Building 600, Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL, 33039.

  If you need assistance, contact the following during duty hours: 

 Army:                                                      786-415-2105 / 2104

 Air Force/Air Force Reserves:              786-415-2108 / 2112

                                                                                            Navy and Marines:                                 786-415-2106

                                                                                            Army Reserve/National Guard:            786-415-2111

                                                                                            Cvilian Personnel:                                  786-415-2114 


If you arrive after hours, plan to sign in the following day. Don't worry about room and phone numbers at this point. You will be escorted by your sponsor, or a liason, until proper clearance is obtained.

If you have any sort of emergency situation prior to signing in, please call the SOCSOUTH Command Center at 786-415-6270 for assistance.

In-processing is conducted at SOCSOUTH and SOUTHCOM headquarters, although servicing personnel centers and finance offices may be located as far away as Tampa, Patrick Air Force Base or Jacksonville.

The Housing Office and Family Supprot Center are in the installation Services Center located on the SOCSOUTH headquarters. The Family Service Support Center has a wealth of information on employment, schools and housing.

A transportation officer is also available to assist you with arranging delivery of your household goods and pickup of your personal vehicle. You may call the U.S Coast Guard Transportation Movement Office (TMO) directly to coordinate household goods delivery. If your last name begins with the letter A-M call 305-278-6833; last names beginning with letters N-Z call 305-278-6826.


The duty uniform for SOCSOUTH is ACU's for Army, MCCUU's for Marine Corps, ABU's or flight suit for Air Force and NWU's or flight suits for Navy personnel.

Sponsor Request

If you have not yet been conatcted by your sponsor and desire one to help you as you prepare for your move, please contact the Headquarters at: SOCSOUTH_HQ_CMDT@Socom.mil

Driving Directions to Homestead Air Reserve Base

Homestead Air Reserve Base is located approximately 25 miles south of Miami and 20 miles north of the Florida Keys, between Everglades National Park on the west and Biscayne National Park on the east. The base is easily accessible via the Florida Turnpike for travelers coming from the north or south.

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