SOCCENT, in partnership with interagency and international partners, supports USCENTCOM’s and USSOCOM’s objectives by employing special operations to deter and degrade malign actors, influence relevant populations, and enhance regional partners to protect U.S. national interests and maintain regional stability. When directed, SOCCENT employs special operations forces for contingency and crisis response.​



Assist commander, USCENTCOM in strengthening regional stability and protecting U.S. interests. SOCCENT will employ a combination of SOF core activities, engagements, and posture in conjunction with interagency partners, other USCENTCOM components, and partner nation's SOF and counterterrorism forces. Expand the capabilities of regional SOF and CT forces and provide them with enhanced capabilities while influencing relevant target populations. These actions counter threats and maintain our deep understanding of the environment, enabling us to achieve our assigned tasks. We will relentlessly empower our people with rich information and decentralized authority in a networked enterprise that's constantly improving in speed, agility, and effectiveness. We succeed in our mission by making effective and sustained contributions toward USCENTCOM and USSOCOM's desired end states.