DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DoD), DoDI 7050.01Subj: Defense Hotline Program

 5.1.2. Issue implementing instructions that specify quality standards for the Defense Hotline and Component hotlines; procedures to ensure appropriate evaluation and action on all allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement; and methods to ensure appropriate protection of the identity of sources requesting anonymity or confidentiality.

 5.1.4. Maintain an active Defense Hotline publicity campaign using local newspapers, official notices, posters, telephone directories, and other media. Implement marketing programs to encourage employees to identify and report fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in DoD programs and operations.



h. DON IGs will, to the maximum extent permitted under law and regulation, safeguard the identity of complainants. DON IGs shall explain to complainants that the use of their testimony and the release of their identity as witnesses, but not as complainants, may be necessary under due process procedures associated with disciplinary or administrative action. The nature of some complaints and relief requested may necessitate the identification of the complainant during the course of the investigation as, for example, a military whistleblower reprisal investigation or similar complaint requesting personal relief.

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