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  • Idea/Proposal Title*
    • This is a concise description of the idea/proposal you are submitting to USSOCOM. (Example:  Innovasio – A Data Analytic Engine for Publically Available Information). Limit the title to 100 characters.
  • Company*
    • The name of your company. If you are submitting independent of a company, write "self" in this field.
  • Primary POC*
    • This is the person to contact at your company for any follow-up actions needed. Do not include any professional titles, military ranks, or other designations (i.e. Dr, PMP, CEO, Col (ret), etc); however, you may include Mr or Mrs if desired. Include ONLY ONE name in this field. Alternate POCs should be included in your capability paper if necessary.
  • Telephone Number
    • The main telephone number of the primary POC. May be the same as the Mobile number
  • Mobile Number
    • The mobile telephone number of the primary POC. May be the same as the Primary number
  • Primary E-Mail Address*
    • The E-Mail address of Primary POC. Email is the primary method of communication for this process.
  • CAGE code
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  • Organization Type*
    • Click the drop down menu for a list of organization types.
  • Capability Area of Interest (Topic)*
    • Click the drop down menu for a list of the topic areas. Select the topic that is most applicable to your company's capability.
  • Technology Readiness level (TRL)*
    • Click the drop down menu for the list of TRLs. This identifies the technology maturity of your capability. Select the TRL that most accurately describes the OVERALL readiness of your capability.
  • Synopsis*
    • This is a short description of what your idea/product is/does and how it will impact USSOCOM. It should not be a company description or history.
    • Do not write "see attachment" in this field.
    • Limit your entry to one single paragraph with no special characters (i.e. !@#$%^&*) or bullet statements.
    • Do not cut/paste directly from a .pdf since this adds additional line breaks and spacing making your synopsis difficult to read and understand.
  • Gov Lab and Contracts*
    • Identify any current government CONTRACTS or government laboratory projects you are involved with regarding this capability. Only list those that are relevant to this specific capability. If you do not have any at this time, write "none" in this field.
  • I Have Read and Understand USSOCOM's Information Privacy Policy*
    • Please review the Information Privacy Policy before clicking the "yes" button. TILO will not be able to share your information with Command personnel unless you indicate that you have read and understand the policy.
  • Attachments*
    • Do not submit until you have appropriate supporting documentation.
    • Limit two attachments.
    • Your supporting documentation should be in the form of a 3-5 UNCLASSIFIED capability paper. Your capabilities paper should encompass all the relevant technical specifications for the capability you wish to market to USSOCOM.  Technical specifications include, but are not limited to, things such as size, weight, power, hardware/software requirements, costs, equipment necessary, testing completed/pending, accreditations, etc. as applicable to your capability. It should not include extensive company background, org charts, and/or employee biographies. 
    • Videos alone are not sufficient support for this process. Video links may, however, be included in your documents as additional support.
    • Patent documents are not relevant to this process.
    • All files must be 10Mb or less.
    • All supporting documents submitted should contain your dissemination control markings. Include any proprietary markings and/or statements limiting dissemination on the cover page or as a footer to the document.
    • DO NOT include the USSOCOM logo on any of your documents. You must have the express written consent from USSOCOM's legal team to use our logo as it implies endorsement of your company/capability. Any documents that arrive with our logo will not be staffed out for review until the logo is removed.
    • Occasionally, our servers remove attachments from your submissions. If this happens, TILO will contact you to request you provide it via email.

After you hit the submit button, the form portion of the screen is replaced with "Thank you! Your information has been successfully sent" towards the top of the page.

If you have difficulty submitting the form, try submitting the form without any attachments then emailing the attachments to Be sure to reference the Idea/Proposal title and company name in the email.