Technology and Industry Liason Office (TILO)
The Process

1.     Submit your company's product/service/capability using the Submit Your Idea Form (hyperlink). Be sure to include the appropriate supporting documentation. Make only ONE submission per capability regardless of how may capability areas it may be applicable to.

2.     Once you have completed the form, TILO will review your information for completeness and SO-peculiar relevance. If more information is necessary you will receive an email requesting that you provide the required information.

Based on this review, TILO determines the appropriate Program Executive Office (PEO) where various subject matter experts responsible for the R&D, acquisition, production, and sustainment of USSOCOM material and technology platforms will conduct a thorough review. Each submission is evaluated for its potential to meet the following criteria:


  1. To be rapidly transitioned based on an immediate or imminent validated and funded need;
  2. To be integrated with other technologies or programs of record; and/or
  3. To be transitioned in the future or serve as a feasible solution in the requirements analysis process.

    The information provided through this venue may be socialized with other technical experts and government personnel outside of the headquarters to gather additional perspectives, evaluation, or input.

3.     You will receive a response in 30-45 days depending on the availability of the various subject matter experts. The subject matter experts may decide that a presentation, demonstration, or other event is necessary in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation. If so, you will be contacted by the TILO to arrange the follow-on action that will be sponsored by a technical expert in the Command, in accordance with FAR Part 10.001, for the purpose of market research.

A TILO briefing/demonstration is an informal open dialogue between industry and the Government. The intent of these meetings is for the Command to become better aware of technologies in existence or those that are close to fielding. The TILO process and briefing does not guarantee a contract or any immediate or future work with the command, but it does open the channels for idea sharing.

The subject matter experts may also determine that this there is no interest in your capability based on different factors. For example your capability may not a part of our mission set, we may already have a similar capability which we are not prepared to replace, the capability does not integrate with existing capabilities and/or platforms, and myriad other factors.

All submissions will be maintained in a database/library that is available to all USSOCOM personnel for review and collaboration for 2 years and archived to an inactive database for 5 years. The information provided to USSOCOM may also be reviewed by other government agencies for the purpose of market research.