Technology and Industry Liason Office (TILO)
Before You Submit Your Idea

Please review the USSOCOM Areas of Interest.


Review the instructions for filling in the form (hyperlink)

Your supporting documentation should accompany your submission.  DO NOT SUBMIT WITHOUT SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION.

  • Supporting documents should be in the form of a 3-5 UNCLASSIFIED capability paper.  Your capabilities paper should encompass all the relevant technical specifications for the capability you wish to market to USSOCOM.  Technical specifications include, but are not limited to, things such as size, weight, power, hardware/software requirements, costs, equipment necessary, testing completed/pending, accreditations, etc as applicable to your capability. 
  • It should not include extensive company background, org charts, and/or employee biographies. 
  • Videos alone are not sufficient support for this process.  Video links may, however, accompany your documents as additional support.
  • Patent documents are not relevant to this process. 
  • All files must be 10Mb or less. 
  • All supporting documents submitted should contain your dissemination control markings.   Include any proprietary markings and/or statements limiting dissemination on the cover page.
  • DO NOT include the USSOCOM logo on any of your documents.
  • Always include your primary/alternate POC contact information in your supporting document.