​SOF AT&L FY 2019 Priorities

Our operational priorities remain focused on achieving improvements in affordability, streamlining requirements, incentivizing innovation, increasing competition and fielding, and sustaining capabilities to our Forces. Our objective is to operate toward supporting those priorities through the following results-driven actions:

  • Implement acquisition, technology, and logistics activities to enable the USSOCOM Commander's priorities.
  • Plan, program, and execute approved program profiles within 10% deviation of cost, schedule, and performance.
  • Recruit, train, develop, and retain SOF Acquirers, Technologists and Logisticians, nurture the SOF AT&L culture, while also minimizing overhead at every level.
  • Incorporate technology insertion, BBP principles, and sustainment plans and activities into each program of record.
  • Improve competitive processes and fundamental competencies involving acquisition strategies and source selection activities.
  • Implement visual management and enterprise analytics processes/practices for daily accountability and strategic plan alignment.