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USSOCOM-BAAST-2020 Submissions

This BAA opportunity will remain as an open ended announcement through 31 December 2025.  White papers may be submitted at any time during the 5-year period subject to the submission process described in the BAA.

 Please submit each submission individually. The BAAST Team will evaluate the submissions and contact the Offerors via email regarding the scientific/peer review results
of their white papers periodically. Please attach your White Paper and Quad chart files to the submission.

Submissions that are Signature Management (BAA Paragraph 4.5) related requires 2 unique steps. Please see BAA language for instructions.

Submissions that are Next Generation ISR SOF Enhancement (Incremental)(BAA Paragraph 4.1.2) related requires unique steps. Please see BAA language for instructions.

If you get any errors when trying to submit, please email BAAST20@socom.mil


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If you experience problems uploading attachments, you are still required to complete requisite data fields and resubmit the form. Email the attachments separately to BAAST20@socom.mil with the Subject line of email should state, "CompanyName_White PaperTitle_MMDDYYYY.doc or pdf"  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  PLEASE DO NOT USE   " # %  & * : < > ? \ / { | } ~ (SPECIAL CHARACTERS) IN THE NAMING CONVENTION or the attachment will not load.

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Proposed technology may be restricted under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), which controls the export and import of defense-related material and services. The contractor must disclose any proposed use of foreign nationals, their country of origin, and what tasks each would accomplish in the statement of work.

Use of Non-Government Personnel:

All proprietary material should be clearly marked and will be held in strict confidence. Restrictive notices notwithstanding, proposals may be handled for administrative purposes by a support contractor that is bound by appropriate non-disclosure requirements. The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) may solicit input on technical aspects of the proposal from non-government consultants and advisors who are bound by appropriate non-disclosure requirements. Non-government personnel will not establish final assessment of risk, rate, or rank offerors’ proposals. These advisors are expressly prohibited from competing for BAA awards under this announcement. All administrative support contractors, consultants, and advisors having access to any proprietary data will certify that they will not disclose any information pertaining to this solicitation, including any submission, the identity of any submitters, or any other information relative to this solicitation, and shall certify that they have no financial interest in any submission evaluated. Submissions and information received in response to this solicitation constitute the offeror’s permission to disclose that information to administrative support contractors and non-government consultants and advisors.

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