USSOCOM Theater Special Operations Commands




SOCAFRICA is a sub-unified command of USSOCOM under operational control of United States Africa Command, with headquarters in Kelley Barracks, Mohringen, Germany. Subordinate SOCAFRICA organizations include: Special Operations Command Forward-East (Special Operations Command and Control Element - Horn of Africa), Special Operations Command Forward-Central (AFRICOM Counter-Lord's Resistance Army Control Element), Special Operations Command Forward-West (Joint Special Operations Task Force-Trans Sahara), Naval Special Warfare Unit 10, Joint Special Operations Air Component Africa, and SOCAFRICA Signal Detachment. Commander SOCAFRICA serves as the Special Operations Advisor to Commander, USAFRICOM. SOCAFRICA's primary responsibility is to exercise operational control over theater-assigned or allocated Air Force, Army, Marine, or Navy Special Operations Forces conducting operations, exercises, and theater security cooperation in the USAFRICOM Area of Responsibility.




SOCCENT employs Special Operations capabilities in partnership with USG agencies, regional security forces, and CENTCOM component forces to enable and support the goals and objectives of CENTCOM.



SOCEUR Mission

SOCEUR is a sub-unified command of USSOCOM under the operational control U.S. European Command and exercises operational control of European theater Army, Navy and Air Force Special Operations Forces. SOCEUR is responsible for SOF readiness, exercises, plans, joint and combined training; NATO and partnership activities; and execution of counterterrorism, peacetime and contingency operations.



SOCKOR Mission

SOCKOR plans and conducts Special Operations in support of the Commander of United States Forces/United Nations Commander/Combined Forces Commander in armistice, crisis and war. SOCKOR is a functional component command of United States Forces Korea, tasked to plan and conduct Special Operations in the Korean theater of operations.




SOCNORTH, in partnership with the interagency and regional SOF, synchronize operations against terrorist networks and their acquisition or use of weapons of mass destruction, and when directed, employs fully capable SOF to defend the homeland in depth and respond to crisis.



SOCPAC Mission

SOCPAC is a sub-unified command of USSOCOM under the operational control U.S. Pacific Command and serves as the functional component for all Special Operations missions deployed throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. SOCPAC coordinates, plans, and directs all Special Operations in the Pacific theater supporting Commander, USPACOM objectives of deterring aggression, responding quickly to crisis, and defeating threats to the United States and its interests.




SOCSOUTH is a sub-unified command of USSOCOM under the operational control of U.S. Southern Command. It is a joint Special Operations headquarters that plans and executes Special Operations in Central and South America and the Caribbean.