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The mission of the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) is to prepare special operations forces (SOF) to shape the future strategic environment by providing specialized joint professional military education (PME), developing SOF-specific undergraduate and graduate-level academic programs and by fostering special operations research, analysis, and outreach in support of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) objectives.

A globally recognized academic institution of higher learning dedicated to enhancing special operations knowledge and its application. The vision is achieved by maintaining the highest standards of an accredited academic institution, delivering high-quality and relevant instruction, when and where needed, retaining a highly credentialed faculty proficient in multiple teaching methods and by rapidly adapting to a changing global environment. The result is a career-long framework of joint SOF education that, when combined with Service provided educational opportunities, significantly improves the intellectual competence of the force required to successfully perform current and future special operations missions.

In September 2000, under the leadership of then USSOCOM Commander, Army General Peter Schoomaker, JSOU was established as an institution of higher learning. Since its founding, JSOU has strived to provide the highest quality of joint SOF leadership education at both the operational and strategic levels. JSOU provides resident, mobile education team (MET), distance learning (DL), and PME courses to the joint SOF community. University faculty and staff members also support senior and intermediate-level PME programs and the emerging educational requirements of numerous U.S., interagency, and international organizations.

JSOU provides education to U.S. SOF and to the people who enable the SOF mission in a joint environment. In addition to the regular courses taught at MacDill Air Force Base (AFB), JSOU routinely conducts both regular and tailored off-station activities for SOF units worldwide by means of remote on-site instruction, DL courses, and via video teleinstruction (VTI).

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Foundations of U.S. Special Operations Certificate

The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) invites eligible students to apply for the 2018 Foundations of Special Operations graduate certificate. This graduate certificate program includes four separate graduate-level courses conducted throughout the academic year at USSOCOM locations. Courses are offered in a blended format (distance learning and in-residence) with the distance learning phase facilitated through JSOU E-Campus (Blackboard) for four weeks prior to attending the in-residence phase. The dates of the four courses for academic year 2018 are listed below:

Advanced Special Operations Intelligence Certificate

The JSOU Advanced Special Operations Intelligence Certificate is a graduate-level program aimed at providing a rigorous academic foundation for special operations operators and staff officers, especially those at the TSOCs and USSOCOM Headquarters, involved in planning and developing courses of action in response to national security events worldwide. The program focuses on the intelligence required to support SOF missions as they relate to the U.S. national security strategy and the geographic combatant command theater strategies in order to understand the nature of global, regional, and societal environments in which commanders effect U.S. national security policy.

Special Operations Chaplaincy Graduate Certificate

The JSOU Special Operations Chaplaincy Graduate Certificate is an authoritative program of courses designed to provide advanc ed pastoral care education and specific skill sets to SOF chaplains. This certificate is designed to increase their awareness of what their faith brings toward providing a ready and resilient force with a particular focus to mitigate suicidality, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other SOF peculiar stress related conditions encountered by SOF Service members and their families.

To view course description, course dates, and register for courses, access the JSOU course page here and then select the desired course. For eligibility and registration questions, contact the Admissions Department: jsouadmissions@socom.mil.