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The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) is located at MacDill Air Force Base, eight miles south of Tampa, Florida, on the tip of Interbay Peninsula in Hillsborough County.

7701 Tampa Point Blvd.
MacDill AFB 33621
Bldg 5200

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Student Services can assist with billeting arrangements for students at the following location based on availability; (students are responsible for reserving rooms with their government credit cards):

MacDill Inn
7637 Bayshore Blvd, Bldg 350
Macdill AFB, FL 33621
DSN: 968-4259
Commercial: 813-828-4259

Lodging checkout time is 1200 (This is a firm time). Contact the lodging manager to make other arrangements if your schedule does not meet the 1200 checkout time. When on-base quarters are not available, Student Services will direct students to specific contracted commercial quarter’s off-base. If off-base contract quarters are not available, the Lodging Office will issue non-availability statements as required. Please be aware that on-base lodging is "very limited" to "non-existent" for visiting families. Unless your family member(s) is/are attending the school in an official capacity and on official orders, lodging is not required to provide them quarters

Uniform & Attire

For all courses, military students may wear any official uniform combination, to include the dress uniform, flight suits, or battle dress uniform. Civilian personnel should wear conservative, professional type business casual attire (slacks, open collar shirts, dresses, etc.). Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, athletic wear, and other very casual types of attire are not authorized.


US Government contract air fares will determine your arrival and departure airport. Visitors are responsible for transportation to and from the airport. Commercial taxi is available. Rental vehicles are the responsibility of each sponsoring unit. Tampa International Airport (TPA) is 16 miles northwest of MacDill Air Force Base. Southwest, United, Continental Us Airways, and Delta are the primary commercial air carriers operating out of this facility.


Many courses do not end until 1600 on Friday. When making departure travel plans, please take into account the announced time the course ends. Early departures from class to make flights are not authorized.

Special Needs Requirements

The University's facilities were designed to accommodate students with special needs. The University is equipped with an elevator and handicap accessible ramps. In addition, interpreters can be made available, with prior notification. Please contact the Student Services department in advance with any specific requests.

DSN: 299-3586/3560
COM: 813-826-3586/3560

Diners Reef government dining facility is available for all personnel TDY to MacDill Air Force Base. Other on-base facilities include:

The Bayshore Club
Surf’s Edge Club
Macdill Lanes Snack Bar
Seascapes Beach Club
BX Food Court
Burger King

More Dining Options

Off-base eating establishments are located approximately 3-5 miles away. Base transportation is not provided.

Our Campus & Facilities

Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command
7701 Tampa Point Blvd
MacDill Air Force Base, Florida 33621
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